The 15% Pledge: A Call For Diversity on Our Shelves

The 15% Pledge: A CALL FOR DIVERSITY Canada is a diverse place. We are built from a variety of colours, cultures, and creeds that,… View Article

DTK’s To Kill for: Beyonce’s Black is King Visual Album

DTK’s To Kill for: Beyonce’s Black is King Visual Album

DTK’s To Kill For: BEYONCE’S BLACK IS KING Calling all Beehive — Beyonce has just announced she’s releasing a visual album entitled Black is… View Article

Discover Weekly: Lamarque’s Leather Collection

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Interview with British-Canadian Singer Carole Pope

Interview with CAROLE POPE In this 2018 interview, British-Canadian singer/songwriter Carole Pope, whose music can be described as a provocative blend of hard-edged and… View Article

DTK Archives: Trans Activist and Superstar Carmen Carrera

DTK ARCHIVES CARMEN CARRERA A stunning trans woman, now 35 years old, Carrera is a burlesque star, a reality TV personality, an actress, activist,… View Article

Fashion Flashback: Ballroom Culture

Fashion Flashback: BALLROOM CULTURE For this week’s Fashion Flashback, we’re looking back at the iconic beginnings of Ball culture in celebration of Pride Month,… View Article

DTK Archives: City Limits

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