Spring finally arrived and which means, the quest for radiant skin has started – yet again! –


You may already have all the brightening masks and exfoliators you need to achieve luminous skin, but if you are anything like us, you’re probably always on the lookout for the next, best skincare discovery.

This Diorsnow White reveal moisturizing lotion clarifies, instantly refreshes, prepares with divinely smooth textures – as soft as fresh snow – and rebalances the skin to perfection. I like to use it to give an extra boost of radiance to my skin.



Apply to a freshly cleansed face to prep the skin for the next step of your skincare routine. Next, I’ll usually apply my One Essential Intense Skin Detoxifying Booster Serum, but for a more luminous effect, include brightening products in your routine (such as Diorsnow Global Transparency Serum).



Basically, Dior’s new Floral Transparency™ Complex, – composed of Mallow extract and other natural ingredients – limits vertical migration of melanin up to the skin’s surface while inhibiting the production of Myosin-X, works upwards and outwards to spread brightness throughout the skin and controls the entire spectrum of melanin diffusion, for perfect skin transparency.


True radiance, starts within and with a good skincare routine. To ensure lasting results, do not forget to wear sunscreen as much as possible, to protect your skin from sun damage.





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