Because being basic… isn’t always a bad thing!



Bianca Taylor

Beauty Editor @bianca_tay



Cropped White T-Shirt

“My wardrobe consists mostly of basic t-shirts in white, grey, or black. I have a dozen on rotation so I can roll out of bed and not think of putting an outfit together. Ever since the crop top mania hit a few years ago, I can’t seem to go back to regular length tops. I’ll usually just pick up a cool leather jacket, long cardigan, or oversized jean jacket paired with a great pair of jeans and call it a day.”


NARS Lipstick in “Heat Wave”

“I’m a master mixer when it comes to lipstick. I have more lipsticks than I’d like to admit and this lends itself to compulsively layering different products to get a perfect colour. This takes time and tact, so when I’m trying to simple things down I’ll reach for the only lipstick I’ve ever worn on its own. Nars Jungle Red is the perfect semi matte orange red that literally looks good with anything.”



“I don’t wear skirts, dresses, shorts, and “fancy” pants make me feel like a soccer mom. You’ll most likely catch me wearing jeans. I strongly believe that every woman should own a pair of black jeans, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, kick flares, and a pair of dark denim skinnies. I personally always gravitate towards pairs that are high rise, cropped — and overpriced.”


Mayillah Ezekiel

Beauty Editor @mayillahmakeupartist


Leather Biker Jacket

“I am all about investing in timeless pieces that stay relevant throughout the years. Leather biker jackets will always be in style and can be worn with pretty much everything.”


Face Oil

“What is more basic than skincare? No matter where I am, what I do, where I’m going… I’ll never leave the house without doing my skin care routine. To me, it is far more important than makeup. My eternal go-to is a good face oil, just because I can get away with wearing just that, without having to layer many products.”


Black Leather Boots

“A part of my daily uniform and a key piece in my closet is a nice pair of black leather boots. They are easily the most worn item in my closet.”


Marie-Ève Venne

Lifestyle and Fashion Editor @marie_v23



Mom Jeans

“My love story with skinny jeans ended last year after I realised I couldn’t longer convince myself that there was a logical reason to suffocate in a pair of pant. After trying a pair of “mom jeans” at Topshop, I decided that they were the best thing ever and never gave torture pants another look. These high waisted jeans go with everything, especially a simple white tee tucked in.”


MAC Studio Fix Powder

“This is my go to foundation when I don’t want to overthink my look and keep it simple. It’s super light, but it covers most of my imperfections and makes me feel #flawless. When I wear liquid foundation, I use this powder to mattify my skin throughout the day without feeling caky.”


SEPHORA Cream Lip Stain in Always Red

“So by now, my passion for red lipsticks -no the word is not too strong- is a well know fact. It’s no surprise to see one on my list. This one by Sephora is super affordable, and also has mega staying power. By mega, I mean eating a super messy pad thaï on a first date without having too worry about looking like a clown good.