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Rumour has it that some of you have been overdoing it with winter skin care and harsh in-between-seasons beauty treatments. With warmer days just around the corner, intense AC and the humidity rising, skin woes are definitely on the horizon! We’ve handpicked a lineup of fresh new beauty formulas designed to give you just what you need this summer to keep skin sloughing, shiny afterglows, and heat-triggered rosacea at bay, no matter your skin type or age.

But first, the bad news: according to beauty experts, you should stop using that fancy winter cream you invested in. Those rich textures are developed for specific conditions, whereas summertime is conducive to send oil glands into overdrive. Moisturizing is just as essential as ever- the formulas, however, are in the vanguard of perfectly dewy, supple skin.

We’ve distilled the newest launches down to these noteworthy picks for summer 2018:

CeraVE Hydrating Micellar Water, $15.99

This newcomer is part of a dermatologist-developed line of products formulated to soothe reactive, overstressed skin. The ultra-gentle cleanser has a myriad of uses: layer it in the middle of the day when you need something soothing and mild, use it to remove your makeup or clean your face before bed, and whenever your skin feels itchy and tight. The no-rinse formula is ideal for those who suffer from eczema, and it’s devoid of parabens. It is also infused with 3 different ceramides (one of which is hyaluronic acid) in order to restore the skin barrier.


Confidence in a Cleanser by IT Cosmetics, $36.00

Touted as ”skin-transforming, game-changing,” the newest addition to this plastic surgeon-developed skincare line consists of an anti-aging, hydrating, cleansing serum. Hailed as a one-step, next-level cleanser for all skin types solution, this innovative product sure has a few notable benefits on its own. It can be used to remove over the top waterproof eye makeup; is sulfate and cruelty- free; infused with quality ingredients such as peptides, collagen, super ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and colloidal oatmeal (soothing); and it balances the skin whilst hydrating it and leaving it feeling refreshed. Is there anything it can’t do? We think not! Ideal for those on the go.

ECOMAAT La Vie en Rose Organic Rose Drops, $45.00

That’s right, beautiful skin starts from within, and what more pleasant way to kick-start the process than to infuse your water with this delightful bio-food supplement? Organic Damask rose drops come to the rescue for a beauty elixir like no other. It is recommended to drink the mixture on an empty stomach, adding 15 drops to 100ml of mineral water every day. It has a delicate taste, with aromatherapeutic benefits to boost (to help shift moods!). This concoction helps promote a plump, glowing complexion, and nourishes from within. We’re obsessed with its top quality ingredients (oil extracted from the blossoms of the Bulgarian oil-bearing rose, supercritical CO2 extraction process), but also with the brand, ECOMAAT. Recently launched in America, the brand has earned many accolades for its organic kombucha, formulated with supercritical extracted oils and essences of Rosa Damascena. The new sine qua non of mind-body harmony.


Boost Energy by IDC, $59.99

An energizing skin-rescue serum, brimming with topical prebiotics (providing anti-redness benefits), and vitamin C and E, in order to boost one’s complexion and to protect against environmental damage and harsh elements (we’re talking to you, sun lovers!). This highly concentrated formula is light and optimized for skin defense, making it an obvious go-to for sun worshippers and outdoorsy types alike. Ideal to put a halt to brown spots as well, as the Canadian brand aims to create innovative integral dermo corrective anti-aging skincare. Well done.


Aquasource Aura Concentrate by Biotherm, $66.00

Biotherm is widely renowned for its exquisite, fresh textures and sensorial prowess. Needless to say, the newest Aquasource iteration lives up to the standard, with its silky and intense regeneration serum. Based on the healing benefits of life plankton and medicinal Aura Leaf, rich in trace elements, the bi-phase formula vouches to transform even the dullest of complexions in 10 days. Enriched with 90% natural ingredients, the liquid serum can be used twice a day as a serum, stupendously slathered on as an intense cure fix, or as a highlighter, since it reflects the light. Also ideal to extend that dewy late-summer glow!


Eau Thermale Avène Hydrance RICH, $37.50

Avène thermal spring water and its numerous soothing benefits are second to none. The newly reformulated Hydrance RICH hydrating cream is infused with the patented Cohederm complex (reorganizes the skin cells), which actions are similar to those of a water tank. Literally the object of a cult following, Hydrance is about deep nourishment, restoring comfort, velvety textures, and delicate floral aromas. Made for everyone who suffers from dry to very dry skin. The specificity of RICH lies in its continual 24 hr. long intense hydration, while its proprietary complex restores the epidermis’ hydrolipidic film, its natural barriers while reducing any further water loss. Matte finish. A true lifesaver.


Hydro Boost Multivitamin Booster by Neutrogena, $18.99

Arguably a practical, quick pick-me-up to keep by your side all summer long, this instant relief serum can easily be added to your favourite day cream for extra quenching benefits. Smooth it all over the face as a make-up base for satisfyingly dewy, supple results. Use on its own to minimize fine lines and to perk up tired skin. Non-pore-clogging, enriched with vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, and a light & fresh formula.

HYDRA BEAUTY Masque de Nuit au Camélia by CHANEL, $105.00

An overnight, no-rinse mask, laden with oxygenating tiny dewdrops of camellia petals, CHANEL‘s most recognized emblem and icon. The flower’s emblematic value evokes longevity, and purity, whilst its compounds unveil serious moisturizing, invigorating and radiance inducing properties. Do not underestimate the power of this star ingredient, for its intense restorative abilities are simply unrivaled. Can be used several times a week and applied to the face and lips, for overall radiance and smooth skin. Infused with essential elements such as zinc, copper, and magnesium, this night mask acts as a detox & repair booster, while tiny droplets instantly shore up oxygenation of the cells. inducing a healthy, noticeable glow. Heady floral notes, an unsurpassed sensory experience, powerful results, fittingly indulgent, and luxurious. Stellar.


Exomega Control Soothing Bath by A-Derma, $22.00

An established brand, excessively familiar, and a solid reference in Europe, A-Derma specializes in skin irritations of all sorts and is any extra dry skin sufferer’s best ally. Ideal for dry atopy-prone skin in general – but also sunburnt folks, this night ritual prepares for a good sleep in toddlers and adults alike. Although it really should be featured in every household, we think this soothing bath/anti-scratching formula becomes a lifesaver after a day at the beach or whenever the skin is excessively dehydrated or burned.


Knesko Skin Diamond Radiance Collagen Face Mask, $90.00 for 6 treatments

The brand is a big hit amongst supermodels and A-list celebs alike, especially when it comes time to get ready for the red carpet. The epitome of a posh, self-pampering, at-home sesh. Their crown chakra healing, natural collagen hydrogel masks reign supreme! Designed to revitalize & deeply moisturize, the brand’s also seeking to connect the beauty lover to his or her higher self. Diamond Radiance masks can either be placed in the fridge for a few hours in order to soothe the epidermis or dipped in hot water in order to recreate a restorative spa-like experience. It’s age-defying, brightening, antioxidant-giving, and has sun spots & wrinkle minimizing properties, infused with genuine diamond powder, hyaluronic acid, COQ10 and marine collagen to boot! Simply divine and a must after a day in the sun.


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