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Dewy, radiant, sexy, natural, sassy: those are the words to live by this summer in order to achieve an effortless sultry, glistening look.

The end goal? To plump up the skin while quenching its thirst, and exude a subdued yet glamorous glow-from-within vibe, as seen regularly on the catwalks and on red carpets. The best part? No make-up artist tutorial is required!

So embrace the heat, grab a glass of rosé, and exude sensuality in barely-there makeup, whether you’re lounging by the pool, attending an outdoor concert, or dining al fresco. As for the rest, all you really need is perfectly primed skin and intoxicating, sultry formulas. Let’s take a look at a few bombshell essentials in order to achieve the highly coveted, full-body luminous look- à la Tom Ford, during his infamous Gucci heydays:

Prep: French Girl Organics Scrubs

Dull skin ruins everything. You’re not into dry brushing? It’s okay, French Girl has got you covered. Legs, upper back, lips, face: leave no stone unturned! The epidermis will be peeling, whether you’ve been dutifully applying a sunscreen or not, but one things is for sure: the real secret to a perfect glow is a primed canvas (and smooth, even skin). Only from here on out can you moisturize your skin and achieve that desirable glowy look. During the summer, pay extra attention to your puckers, your elbows, and your pins. Dutifully exfoliating from head to toe will make your sunless tanning lotion go on flawlessly and last longer, too. Seriously good enough to eat, the Sea Polish (mint & rosemary, $50) is organic and contains a plethora of essential oils, Atlantic sea salt, and Neroli extract and is divine. The Rose Lip Polish ($20) is infused with natural cane sugar, spearmint, and all the goodies that make your pout flawless and seriously hydrated. After a good mechanical exfoliation, one must deliberately apply a supremely rich body cream, and the Body Silk ($29) crème du jour happens to overflow with organic and stupendously hydrating agents. Its intoxicating head notes of rose, ylang, and geranium don’t hurt either! Available online at


Restructure: Cellular Body Oil by Esthederm $39

A replenishing body care ($39) that nourishes, and protects from dehydration and any harsh external factors normally encountered in the summertime. Enriched with nutritive and restructuring formulas such as biometric lipids that are absorbed almost instantly (therefore ideal after a shower at the end of the day). Meant to be applied to the entire body using slow, circular motions. Its delicate and velvety texture is bound to be a huge hit! Bonus points: the dry oil leaves a faint satiny finish. Irresistible just like its scent, reminiscent of oriental flowers. Available at


For a silky foundation: Atoderm Huile de Douche by Bioderma

This bestseller is an absolute cult favourite! Perfect to soothe dry to very dry skin, it is infused with super rich ingredients such as vegetal biolipids, vitamin PP, and a patented natural complex called Barrier Skin Therapy, which increases the skin’s tolerance threshold. Its particularity? The Skin Barrier therapy™ patent biologically prevents the binding of some bacteria responsible for aggravating any skin condition. As a result, the skin is silky soft, smooth, and protected. Comes in a 1L format and is Bioderma’s best selling product ($19.90). Soap-free, paraben free, and doesn’t sting the eyes. Available here.

Fine Tune: Elancyl Slimming Oil

If you want to shine in your dainty bikini or barely-there shorts, this is your go-to product, not only for its slimming virtues (more on that later) but also for its out-of-this-world scent and the way it’ll make your gams look tight & silky… The pioneer of anti-cellulite skincare (circa 1971) just launched a 2 in 1 comprehensive formula ($42), designed specifically to bust stretch marks and that orange peel effect (pretty novel, actually). This slimming oil is made mostly of caffeine extract (tightening, firming) and ivy (to detoxify and drain the skin, provided you deep knead the several layers under the skin for maximum results). Can be used on the stomach and hips as well. We love the non-sticky feel and that oh-so-lovely scent! Divine. Proven clinical efficacy in as little as (gasp!) 7 days. Sold in pharmacies nationwide and online via




Picture perfect: Lancer Dani Glowing Skin Perfector

Treating and illuminating- say no more! Tinted, lightweight and smells like a warm summer day at the beach: meet Dani Glowing Skin Perfector ($120). Meant to enhance one’s natural glow (read: no, your face won’t be shiny), it can be applied to the décolleté, face, and neck or layered on the cheeks for extra definition. Can be worn alone (if you ask us, preferably) or may be followed with makeup (perfect during the winter days, when skin is at its dullest!). Provides a subdued glowy effect, so fear not! May be worn to the office without any problems, this pro formula by the inventor of The Method, aka Dr. Lancer (a skin prep regimen by an LA-based dermatologist, a cult fave with celebs) aims to revitalize, brighten, and perfect all skin tones alike. Asian botanicals give it extra anti-ageing benefits, while its pigments aim to blur any imperfections… Infused with micro-fine light catching minerals, this formula also offers a lifting effect! Formulated without any parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. Need we say more? Available at Sephora.




Titillate: Pinrose Secret Genius Shimmer Mist

An orgasmic amalgam of sultry scents – namely, Madagascan vanilla, caramel, and sandalwood. A convenient spray pump dispenser overflowing with an iridescent, not overly shimmery formula – as we want to be noticed, but for the right reasons – simply because a glitter path is not what we’re aiming for after the age of 30. This grown-up formula is insanely addictive, undoubtedly as it was created by a master Perfumer, Mr. Harry Fremont. A perfume more than a body shimmer oil, the secret genius originates from San Francisco and has established itself as a perfume house and boasts collabs with numerous master perfumers. They also compare their creations to the likes of cocktails, which is pretty inventive (“sips like a Coconut Spritzer”). Their first ever “visual perfume” (for the shimmers) is scented with the brand’s most popular fragrance Secret Genius. Exclusive to Sephora and is available on Sephora Canada Online.


Head to toe glow: James Read H20 Illuminating Tan Mist Drops

A golden mist ($45) that lasts up to five days and provides a subtle shimmer, infused with 24K gold and a plethora of high-end ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, for smoothing and flattering results (aka this is how one can plump lax skin!). Highly hydrating as well which is perfect for those who shave their legs on a daily basis during the summer days. Fast drying and posh packaging to boot! Available online here.


Flawless canvas: Ellis Faas Cosmetics Skin Veil

A cult favourite, created by a high fashion MUA. This silky foundation goes on oh so smoothly, and is both sheer and opaque! Here’s the thing: it dries and becomes unnoticeable, yet it is super covering (which we are VERY fond of). Highly efficient, easily blends into the skin and looks natural? Please go on. A must. Available in nine different shades, cruelty-freem and “only tested on supermodels”. A French fashion press fave. $122, available online via


Glamazon gaze: Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Natural Eyeshadow Palette in Deep

Light or deep? There’s no better way to pull off a major eye with minimal/no makeup make-up than with Chanel’s Healthy Glow Natural Eyeshadow Palette in Deep ($70). The five incredibly flattering and easy-to-wear shades are meant to enhance one’s features, in true unrivaled Parisian chic. Think sun-kissed skin, barely-there makeup, an elegant and leisurely natural look, and your smile as your best accessory. Layer the satiny golden brown hues and matte finishes or wear each one separately. If not, make sure to blend the creamy powder textures altogether for a seamless look and effortless eyes. Versatile, it can also be used as a brow intensifier! We just found our everyday summer eyeshadow palette. Available at all Chanel beauty counters.


Sexy beauty hack: Tom Ford Eye Gloss $44,00

Bare skin. Bronze skin. Wet hair (or slicked back for that sexy, wet effect). An open back dress. Cocktails. A bold lip. A heady fragrance. The warm summer breeze caressing your bare shoulders as your lover casts his eyes on you… and your out of this world smouldering look? Eye gloss. We’re crazy about eye gloss. There’s only one caveat, that being said: dab some of the gloss over your eyelids lightly and make sure to wear some waterproof mascara and no eyeshadow if you want it to stay put longer than the time it takes you to finishing a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Rich. Exclusively online at


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