This past June, Toronto’s famous CN Tower unveiled the renovation to its 1,300 sq. meter observation level, just in time for the attraction’s 42nd birthday. The $16-million project (the most significant investment yet!) enhanced the floor’s accessibility, enabling children and mobility-challenged individuals to enjoy a fully panoramic breathtaking view of the city. Last week, media from all over the city were invited to the tower, where we dined on gourmet appetizers and soaked in the city lights as the clock struck midnight. DTK was able to get the inside scoop of what changed and how you can experience the views from the 6ix.



So, what’s different? Well, the observation deck now has floor-to-ceiling glass “Window Walls” that are installed across three separate sections, providing a seamless, unobstructed view of Toronto. A new Glass Floor was also put in, directly above the original, providing a two-tier vertical view from 114 stories above ground. Don’t worry – it’s strong enough to hold you and any crazy pose you form to get the perfect Instagram shot. The new Glass Floor has the strength to hold over 24,700 pounds. That’s about 18 moose.

That’s not all: there are not one but three (!) new food bistros to test out while taking in all 360 degrees of Ontario’s capital. The menu concepts are rooted in Canadian cuisine, inspired by the diversity of our country and featuring patriotic ingredients. If you’re looking to have a big celebratory bash, or are looking to host an event, the floor also includes a scalable event space that can host catered occasions for up to 800 guests.



If you can’t make the trip to Drake’s hometown, you can download the Viewfinder App in the meantime, which features spectacular day and night images of the GTA. You’re able to identify more than 90 landmarks in five languages. It is the first and only place in Canada to offer VR at this elevation and was developed using 3D gaming technology.

Last year was the tower’s most successful year to date, with more than 1.9 million visitors passing through its doors. It continues to be one of Canada’s top monumental and iconic attractions and hosts over 500 corporate and social events annually. Plus, there’s the EdgeWalk, the world’s highest hands-free walk circling the tower’s main pod 116 stories above ground.

If you’re thinking about visiting, tickets range from $15 to see the SkyPod to $125 if you want to do the Premier experience. The EdgeWalk is $225 and provides access to LookOut, Glass Floor and SkyPod levels, informational displays and more. To surpass the line-ups and tickets, book a meal at the 360 Restaurant, where you can take in the views while enjoying Canadian fare, with the elevation to the restaurant and access to the LookOut and Glass Floor levels of the CN Tower, following the meal, are complimentary with the purchase of a prix fixe by each guest.



Whether you’re a foodie, a thrill-seeker, a tourist or a Torontonian looking for new ways to experience the city, the CN Tower is definitely worth visiting.

Photos courtesy of Conversation Agency

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