There’s a new, unsettling beauty trend popping up all over social media. Everyone from Tan France to Kim K has been sharing spooky snaps of skin-like jewellery, sporting chokers that move to the rhythm of their heartbeat and collars that look like dragon tails. This is what your fashion fantasies – or nightmares – are made of.

WTF is this, you ask? The pieces are crafted by A. Human, a “fashion brand from the future where self-expression isn’t defined by what you put on your body, but how you change your body.” The brand describes itself as an “immersive, theatrical art event,” where you can purchase a ticket for a service at their pop-up showroom in NYC, opening to the public on Sept 5th.

A.Human’s collection is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. It’s McQueen’s theatrics meets sci-fi film, comprised of body modifications instead of couture clothes. Upon visiting, you’ll be able to shop for bespoke hearts, biological high heels or horns that stem from your shoulders. The interactive exhibit will also include “jaw-dropping sights, sounds, visuals, and theatrical surprises,” according to the company’s website.

A.Human uses set design, technology, prosthetics, live actors, and more to blur the line between reality and fantasy, all while asking very real questions about our definitions of self-expression. The exhibition also plans to unveil collaborations with designer Nicola Formichetti, and visionary makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench.

While guests will only be able to “try on” the alien-esque accessories at the NYC pop-up, the brand will be taking pre-orders from those who are interested. Founder Simon Huck notes that, while prices are under wraps, they are “designed to be accessible and affordable to all.” The pieces are also created “for everybody, regardless of age, gender, race, size, disability, or other traits.”

Tickets for this dystopian form of Disney World start at $40, and spots are booking up. We’re not positive how quickly this modification trend will catch on, but it’s certainly an exciting artistry to watch.


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