5 Must-Haves in a Luxury Kitchen 

This is the time to transform your home with truly indulgent and stunning tables, enchant your loved ones with gifts which will last a lifetime and to elevate your gourmet kitchen with key elements that will be the talk of your next get-together. Until then, here are our stunning picks to enhance your experience of the mundane, from breakfast to dinner.  

—By Christine Elizabeth Laprade


L’âme de Christofle

The ultimate symbol of elegance and luxury brings their expertise and mastery to silverware and mouth blown crystal ware. 

A decade after first launching l’Âme de Christofle, the Parisian house brings a sublime new set of colours to their refined modern flatware collection. Bring your dining room to life with colours just as unique as you are: black, copper and gold ($255/5-piece place setting) offer infinite possibilities to express one’s moods and persona. 

Should you prefer your flatware silver, make sure to check out the breathtaking MOOD egg-shaped case featuring a walnut interior and a 24-piece set ($1,910). Guaranteed to brighten any interior and exceptional dishes!

Christofle is simply unrivalled, in terms of epicurean lifestyle aspirations and when it comes to the field of entertaining. 

Available at Christofle stores across Canada.


 Ottolenghi Flavor: A Cookbook, by Yotam Ottolenghi

The most anticipated cookbook of the year will seriously upgrade your shelves. The author of Plenty, a worldwide bestseller, offers a plethora of plant-based recipes that glimmer with exotic spices, fruit and olive oil…. The Israeli-born chef showcases veg-centric dishes that are nothing short of extraordinary! His secret? Letting the ingredient shine, and then unlocking layer after layer of flavour, thanks to his fundamental element of flavour creation: Process, Pairing, and Produce. The book is divided into several sections such as ‘Charring’, ‘Acidity’, and ‘Alliums’ – enough to pique any foodie’s interest. The book offers several vegan recipes as well, along with some tantalising photography. There I no better cookbook to shake up anyone’s cooking repertoire, since eating less meat is the most effective way to reduce one’s dietary footprint. A must in 2020.

Available at your local bookstore and chapters.indigo.ca ($25.31)


Birchwood Pine reed diffuser by NEST New York

A stunning glass vessel etched with a gold leaf pattern. A marvellous woody smell offered in a limited edition packaging. What better way to set the mood in the kitchen while prepping a meal, or to elegantly mask the smell of fried foods – or any culinary disaster? 

The Birchwood Pine collection is a cult-favourite and a classic around this time of the year. Displaying the memorable aroma of a majestic winter forest, the reed diffuser ($64) fills the room with lush notes of fir balsam accented with white pine, musk and amber.

The smell lasts approximately 90 days as it is released slowly and evenly through the patented ScentSticks. The blend is also free of alcohol, as their formulas are crafted strictly with the highest quality fragrance oils. 

Available on Sephora.comsaksfifthavenue.com and Nordstrom.ca


Vertuo Next Premium Black Rose Gold by Nespresso

What sounds better than an easy to use coffee machine with a sleek compact design, that is rose gold, no less? Not everyone has time to grind coffee beans every morning or wishes to have a beautiful yet elaborate professional coffee machine occupy a third of their counter space… 

The Vertuo Next line takes design a step further and produces an incredibly rich and creamy crema, thanks to its innovative Centrifusion technology. Its perks include 5 different cup sizes, automatic capsule ejection, an eco mode (self-energy after 2 minutes of non-use) as well as connectivity via Bluetooth and Wifi to ensure automatic software updates. Made in Hungary, the rose-gold accented Vertuo Next ($219) is equipped with a barcode reader, which automatically adjusts the brewing parameters for ideal extraction. Brewing coffee has rarely been so sexy.


Winewings series by Riedel

Love at first sight has a name- say hello to the Winewings glass collection by Georg Riedel. Modern varietal glassware reimagined meets total “wow-factor” – check out those champagne glasses – completely unheard of, they allow a wide range of aromas to unfold and intensify, which cannot be achieved with a narrow glass, as well as the majestic Pinot Noir/Rosé glass. The RIEDEL Winewings glasses ($42.50 per glass) primarily emphasise the minerality of the wine, whereas all other collections tend to highlight fruit, on top of being dishwasher safe. This collection is for the true wine connoisseur and design lovers alike. Incidentally –one should spend on a single wine glass as much as they normally would one a bottle, according to the fine stemware maker.

For those also in search of the ultimate decanter, the Winewings Decanter ($750) is a prerequisite. The absolute stunner is free blown by a master glassblower and allies both function and art. The act of pouring wine can thus turn into a sensual visual performance, maximizing the pleasure from the act of pouring an exceptional wine. Decanting, serving and pouring your fave libation will never look the same with this fine crystal glass addition!

Speaking of which: Riedel highly feels that decanting enhances both red and wine wines alike, but also sparkling and young ones.

Written on: February 2, 2021