Louis Vuitton’s new fine jewellery, Conquêtes of Regalia, sources its inspiration from the queens and duchesses of our history and their emblematic tradition of wearing their legitimacy as precious jewels. By reviving the artistic merit of this rich historical time, we are plunged into a magical universe of symbols, patterns, and fascinating heritage, combined with a modern twist and inspired by the art deco era.


Reproducing the emblem of the Louis Vuitton house, these highly intricate patterns include moving shapes, V shapes, and diamond curves with flowers decoration. The result is quite outstanding, as expertise, design, and knowhow all come together to beautifully support the deep colour of rare precious stones, like the 34.74 carat Paraiba tourmaline, the raspberry-coloured Spinel, the rare 19.97 carat green tsavorite, or the lavender blue sapphire.

If you are wondering how many queens will have the privilege of donning such beauty, the answer is not many, as this is a very limited edition of only 60 pieces (approximately).


Written on: October 4, 2019