Anyone who has visited Bath will no doubt mention its charm. From the exquisite Georgian architecture of the Royal Crescent to the famous Spa Heritage which dates back to the Romans, Bath is truly one of England’s finest crowning jewels. Rest assured, on your visit to this picturesque city, as you admire the busy cobbled streets of Bath’s city center, sip on a cup of earl grey tea, and read The Times, you will feel as though nothing could be more quintessentially delightful.

Stay & Spa

Gainsborough Bath Spa

Since its original construction in the 1800s, the Gainsborough Bath Spa became the first YTL hotel in the United Kingdom. With a stunning interior designed by award-winning New York designer Champalimaud Design, the hotel portrays a perfect aesthetic of modern-meets-heritage. As you take your first steps into the reception, you will be enchanted by the elegant, vibrant, and social atmosphere, along with an exceedingly warm welcome by the staff. Being shown to your room will certainly not disappoint, as the meticulous custom furnishing subtly references the unique period details of each room, combined with all the modern amenities needed to ensure a luxury stay and sleep.

Despite the all-over exquisiteness of this leading hotel, the most breath-taking feature is certainly the unique spa facilities, set beneath a huge glass atrium. Praising Bath’s thermal spring heritage, guests can experience bathing in the natural, mineral-rich waters, immersing themselves in Great Britain’s historic use of aromatherapy.

Photos provided by The Gainsborouogh Bath Spa.


Coffee Break

Colonna and Small’s

For your daily dose of caffeine, Colonna and Small’s offers not just coffee but a tasting experience. With their commitment to celebrating the seasonality of coffee, the enticing menu changes weekly, though the quality and fresh taste is always consistent. From ‘Intense Little Drinks’ to elegant and aromatic brews, you are assured to be provided with the most unique specialty coffee the world has to offer.


Cultural Visits

Fashion Museum, Bath

Housing one of the world’s greatest collections of historical and contemporary dress, Bath’s Fashion Museum is a must for any admirer of luxury couture. A personal favorite is the Royal Womanexhibition, which showcases the spectacular fashion worn by women in the British monarchy, including the wedding dress of Alexandra, Princess of Wales, dating back to 1863. After exploring the divine craftsmanship of the designers who historically shaped English fashion, visitors can enjoy a traditional cream tea in the quaint museum café – what could possibly be more British?

Photos provided by Bath & North East Somerset Council.


Roman Baths

As one of the world’s most well-preserved Roman remains, visitors to the Roman Baths can walk on the ancient pavements just as the Romans did 2,000 years ago, explore the extensive Roman ruins which housed the original changing rooms, and enjoy the fascinating museum. Visitors are also able to take a sip of water from the natural spring which contains 43 different minerals, getting a taste (quite literally!) of Roman life in Bath. Though you cannot swim directly in the Roman Baths, the Gainsborough Bath Spa uses the same water which is treated to make it safe for bathing.

Photos provided by Bath & North East Somerset Council.


Boutique Heaven


Grace & Ted

This is the ultimate treasure chest for any label lover. Located in the heart of Bath, Grace & Ted is an award-winning designer resale boutique offering genuine pre-owned clothing, shoes, and accessories from brands such as Louis Vuitton, Max Mara, Gucci, and Chanel. Adding to the allure of this splendidly beautiful store, are the fashionista owners, mother and daughter Sharon and Emma Savage, who provide supreme personal service in styling their clients.


Where to Eat


The Scallop Shell

No visit to the UK would be complete without experiencing a taste of British fish and chips. Certain to spark your appetite, The Scallop Shell is renowned for its glorious selection of seasonal seafood: fresh and sustainable catches from UK waters. Upon entering the restaurant, customers are presented with a spectacular ice-filled roll-top bathtub, displaying at least fifteen types of fish and shellfish. On the menu, you will find enticing delights, such as the ‘Fisherman’s Lunch Daily Special’, served with a mug of English Yorkshire tea. Alternatively, for those who crave a more foodie experience (as well as some great Instagram shots), beautiful seafood platters can be enjoyed with the finest wine or champagne.


Where to Drink


The Canary Gin Bar

Located down cobbled Queen Street in a dazzling five-story Georgian building, you will find what can only be described as a ‘gin palace’. At street level, The Canary Gin Bar holds over 200 varieties of gin, each expertly paired with a perfectly complementary mixer and garnish. However, the true spectacle of this venue is that it is also home to The Bath Distillery, situated on the upper and lower floors. Using the distillery’s own delectable array of Bath Gin (infused with botanicals such as kaffir lime leaves, orange peel, and licorice), the talented mixologists can expertly fashion you a ‘Gin’ Austen, a murder-mystery-themed cocktail – just one of Bath’s charismatic quirks!

Photos provided by Dialect Inc.

Photos of Bath provided by Visit Bath.