From casual street to high end fashion sleek, Alexander Wang’s Spring 2015 runway show at this year’s New York Fashion Week shows the designer truly pushing the boundaries with his innovative techniques.

After taking over as creative director at the house of Balenciaga, Alexander Wang is stepping up his fashion game with new exposure to Parisian couture yet as always he remains true to his one great love of athletic wear and this collection was no different. Inspired by sneakerheads, the collection brought various aspects of athletic footwear from the jordan-esque handbags to the Nike Flyknit inspired neon body-con dresses. In the series of crisp white and green futurist dresses, the design makes reference to Adidas’s stansmiths.

Every part of the show seemed to follow the texture, structure, and movement of a athletic pair of sneakers from the rubberized runway which woven high-heeled sock-shoes and techno-fishnet sandals walked upon to strong and sporty make up and hair which were dubbed “runway gym hair” giving off a feeling of a sweaty gym session. The athletic details does not seem to fade in the house of Alexander Wang, and just like his memorable 2010 collection which turned out to be a massive hit, his motto speaks through his collection itself stating, “sport is here to stay.”

Pictures: Yannis Vlamos/