Photographer Rayan Ayash
Creative Director Sylvain Blais
Fashion Editor Tatiana Cinquino
Text by Brenna Dixon

In the small town of Seara, Santa Catarina, tucked away in the Brazilian countryside, supermodel Aline Weber recalls that “growing up in a small town was great.” A village with mostly inhabitants of German descent, including Weber and her family, she contributes her deeply-rooted love for nature to her youth. “I had a lot of contact with nature, especially when visiting my grandmother,” she recalls.

Fast forwarding from the small southern region of Brazil to today, Aline has definitely lived an extremely unconventional life from that of her youth. Opening for Balenciaga in Paris, she notes that the particular event “made my career shift.” Her supermodel career quickly unfolded as she strut the runways for Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs. She has been photographed by Inez and Vinoodh and graced the covers of magazines from Japan to the US. She also debuted on the silver screen as an icy blonde literature student in Tom Ford’s A Single Man. With such an internationally impressive resume, she reflects, “Modelling made me grow in a way I couldn’t imagine. I’ve seen so many countries and met so many people. It helped me build an imaginative, creative, and intuitive side in me that I didn’t realize I had. I am thankful for that.” As the life of a supermodel does indeed sound glamorous on a plethora of levels, she admits that the job comes with certain obstacles, and that “the most difficult part is not knowing what job or where I am flying to next.”

Despite the curve balls thrown by the industry, she remains incredibly down-to-earth. When she isn’t racing against the clock to catch the next flight out, she enjoys practicing yoga, Pilates, and meditation, spending time in nature, and seeing friends. As relatable as Aline’s life sounds during her downtime, the 5’10” beauty with legs for days just stepped out of Alto do Xingu in Brazil- and it wasn’t for a photoshoot.

Alto do Xingu is located in the south of the Amazon biome and is home to Indigenous people of Brazil located along the Xingu River. The Xingu people are representative of fifteen different tribes and all four of Brazil’s language groups. Aline was a guest for nearly a week, explaining that she “slept in a hammock and showered in the river.” Not what you would expect from such a glamorous model. Driven by her connection to nature, she reveals that her stay with the Xingu “made me see life in a simpler way and appreciate the little things that we take for granted. We can be as much connected to this planet and everything around us as we want. We have all the power if we just stop and listen.” Emphasizing the importance of appreciating our surroundings, Aline has become a strong advocate for the environment.

Unfortunately, global environment issues are worse: waste, pollution, global warming, the negative impact of fast fashion, and more. Aline’s viewpoint on ecological preservation rings loud and clear and encourages others to do the same: “we all can be eco warriors starting at home with little things like reducing plastic consumption, separating the trash, turning the lights off. We as human beings should start caring more for our planet.” Leading by example, Weber has discontinued wearing fur. “I strongly believe we all have values and priorities, and that we can always put that to good use in life, in general,” she explains regarding her anti-fur decision. As she stands firm with her environmental positioning, she explains that there have been repercussions regarding her vantage point. “There are always consequences when we decide to stand for something,” she notes. Consequences in Aline’s world can cause rifts in the industry and in fact she admits that due to her choice against fur, “there is a lot of explaining, some criticism, and cancelled jobs, but I strongly believe that we have to stand for what we believe in, and those consequences are going to be there no matter what – so why not just fight for what you believe?” With such a demanding career and compelling lifestyle, she remains grounded by seeking balance: “I think balance is very important in life. I try to blend my career with my lifestyle whenever I can,” she reflects on her reasoning to boycott fur, maintaining linearity regarding her integrity and loyalty to the environment.

As an icon for young women to stand up to evoke change, Aline remains incredibly humble, stating that “I’m very happy I can have a career and lifestyle that I love.” Phenomenally beautiful inside and out, she leaves us with a glance into the future: “I have no idea where I will be in five years, but I do hope to be close to nature and that we will all be more loving and caring towards one another and especially towards our beautiful planet.”

Photographer Rayan Ayash at DUNE STUDIOS.
Creative Director Sylvain Blais.
Fashion Editor Tatiana Cinquino at JUDY INC.
Makeup Sabrina Rinaldi at and THE PROJECT using IT COSMETICS.
Hair Steven Turpin at TEAMM MGMT using R+CO.


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