Be still, our 2010s teenage hearts: as of November 1st, American Apparel is back. A year after complete Canadian closure, the Los Angeles brand is bringing its effortless basics to consumers once again.

The go-to for rainbow offerings of spandex and sweats alike is now owned and operated by Gildan, one of the world’s largest apparel, manufacturers. For now, AA offerings will only be limited to the digital sphere, as the brand is taking a customer-conscious approach to their relaunch. They are testing the market to see how their former devotees respond to the line of unisex hoodies, bodysuits, jeans, and leggings. Even though they now belong to the Gildan family of brands, the iconic line of inclusive basics will continue to uphold its corporate responsibility, focusing on ethical and sustainable manufacturing.

“It is kind of like putting yourself back out in the dating world. You don’t know if someone will be interested or not,” Sabina Weber, American Apparel’s brand marketing director, told the CBC. “We know Canada is a huge market for us. They have always been so supportive of the brand.”

To commemorate the Canadian launch, a global campaign was shot on location in Vancouver, British Columbia. Featuring a diverse cast of models (all over 21!), the series is setting a new tone for the brand’s image. They’re pledging to work with real people, featuring diversity in body types, ages, and ethnicities. The new marketing approach promises to maintain an authentic tone and honest spirit. Here’s hoping that this pared-down approach will be able to compete with the new Canadian equivalents, like Frank and Oak, that emerged in its absence. However, the lower prices and beloved disco pants might have us crawling right back.


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