Antoine Laoun: The Anti- Fast Fashion

In this day and age, we often read about brands and their overnight success stories, making it seem as though everyone can launch a business without breaking a sweat. But it takes a true visionary to keep a brand afloat year after year without sacrificing quality for quantity.

By Marie-Ève Venne

Such is the case of Antoine Laoun Opticien, a chain of eyewear stores established in Montreal in 1978. Offering to the public a multidisciplinary team of optometrists and opticians, they aim to deliver top quality products and a personalized follow-up after purchase.

Knowing that good glasses or sunglasses can be hard to find, they carefully select the best of what the market has to offer, making sure that their customers get what they pay for in terms of materials and construction.

“You often see brand new eyewear brands attacking the market with ridiculously small prices and I always get suspicious. You can’t offer true quality at such a low cost. I see customers coming to our stores with glasses they bought somewhere else, all broken after not even a year. This is not what we want for our clients. We want them to buy glasses that they will be able to keep for a lifetime,” declares Antoine Laoun, the man behind the brand.

And it’s exactly what you get when you visit one of their branches: a handful of styles that are timeless, but with touches of novelty in the colors and materials. In terms of fit, they want to ensure that each frame will suit numerous face shapes and sizes.

In order to demystify the role of optics professionals for the well-being of those who care about the health of their eyes, they even launched a conceptualized campaign named #jaimemonopticien last year, an offensive pointing out that experience and human contact are important for the choice and fit of prescription glasses.

“After all, the optician is the only one trained to interpret the prescription written by the optometrist and the ophthalmologist. In the same way, you can’t go without a pharmacist for a prescription after consulting the doctor. You go to the best of what the market has to offer,” adds Laoun.

antoine laoun

antoine laoun

Written on: December 13, 2019