A Closer Look on Phoebe Miecznikowski 

The beautiful multi-disciplinary artist based in Montreal and New York City.  

—By Reilly Severin

Photography by Melissa Desmond Acrylic, oil and chalk pastel on canvas. A study of be-sistering oneself; loving, leaning, listening in

Phoebe Miecznikowski

“Oftentimes when I paint, I’m materializing something in a way that allows me to have closure with the experience”, says Phoebe Miecznikowski, a young Montreal based artist.

She goes on to explain that she processes things unconsciously and her art is the final expression of that process: her sense- making of a wild world.  “My art for me has always been a way to  process what I can’t articulate with words. It is a mixture of memories, and dreams of places I have been and yet to be.” In her work Phoebe illustrates versions of herself and explores themes of childhood, magic, and the divine feminine. Phoebe explores  any medium she has access to, and enjoys getting creative with the materials she has within her environment.  This sense of resourcefulness has created a diverse body of work including  photography, sculpture, installments, and paintings. Most recently Phoebe’s been creating through acrylics, oils and pastels.





Sleep With Me






Running Away






QuaranQueen, 2020.jpg


QuaranQueen, detail 1.jpg

QuaranQueen Detail


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Written on: January 31, 2021