Noir Désir

Wrap yourselves in luxurious silk and fur this season. In the dark, the heart of desire gives way to a beautiful seduction. Photography Sylvain Blais Fashion Editor Yso Dress Nadya Toto. Coat Féraud…

Designer Duo: UNTTLD

“We spend all our time together, 24 hours a day,” confides José Manuel, who is now sporting a noticeably shorter ‘do since our last meeting. Since then, Simon Bélanger also stopped by the hairdresser. Makes sense: “We do everything together, absolutely everything!” A quote that says it all.

Come as you are

Clean, modern, fresh: minimalism is at its best. Grunge aesthetic and modern line bring out an understated elegance reminiscent of the 90s. Featuring five new faces we have casted for this issue.


Equal parts the seductress and the dominatrix, red lace and black leather form a darkly sweet mélange. Every rose has its thorns.


If God is in the details, so too is style. From intricate lace, to appliqué to beading, exquisite embellishments create a playground for the senses. Complementing sleek silhouettes, texture and bold colour take control.