If you’ve ever indulged in the world of Youtube, you have probably heard of filmmaker Casey Neistat. Casey is charismatic, a daredevil and talks about meeting celebrities as casually as he discusses his Juice Press order. However, the true star of his not-so-daily vlogs is his fierce wife, Candice, whose IDGAF attitude and laidback style paired with her fearless determination and business model truly poses her to be true girl boss.

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While vlog fans may see Candice as an extension of Casey’s fascinating life, her journey alone is worth as much attention as her husband’s. The Texas transplant began her adventure in jewellery after selling leather cuffs in Patricia Field’s store one summer when she was interning in New York. By 23, Candice had started her own label, Finn Jewelry.

Finn is a stunning line of dainty jewelry, featuring delicate chains, rare rubies, and 18k gold covered in diamonds. The line is whimsical. As Candice described to the Coveteur, “the aesthetic is very much what I was—pink everything and champagne everything and ‘let’s go to Raouls and have steak au poivre and spend all our money on champagne.’”

For sixteen years, this brand did Candice well. She gained supermodel fans like Gisele and racked up numerous accolades, including a nomination for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award. However, as the designer aged and devoted more time to being a mother, her taste changed. She sought an outlet that suited her nonchalant, tom-boy style. And so, Billy! was born.

Image from: The Coveteur

The idea for Billy! initially started out as a high-end, one and done kind of brand. It would sell one luxury cashmere sweater and offer a single gold necklace. However, the idea developed into something more accessible, the result being an online-only store that sells stickers, t-shirts, bags, and hats alongside sterling silver or 14k gold customizable dog-tag necklaces. If you can’t afford the gold necklace, go for the silver. If you can’t do the silver, then maybe buy a t-shirt. There’s something at every price point, opening up a whole new demographic to an opportunity to buy into the brand.

In a world of extreme social media curation, Billy! comes like a breath of fresh air. The Instagram page features unedited videos, hilarious throwbacks, and realistic snaps of the product to create a unique identity for the brand. The Billy! girl, like Candice, has a bit of edge. So, while the customizable necklace allows you to add any letter to each of the dog-tags you wish, you can also opt for a tongue-and-cheek version that says “F*ck Me, F*ck You.” Any traditional rules for jewelry have been thrown out the window. Billy! is for the cool girl; the boss b*tch who wants to spend $700 on a gold accessory but is also looking to have some fun.

The necklace itself is very minimalistic, but the rest of the brand doesn’t shy away from the cheeky personality of Billy!. Their signature tee shouts Billy across the chest and is also available in a camo pattern (a very Casey style). The gorgeous black cashmere sweater has the logo embroidered on the sleeve but is photographed on the website with the model throwing up a middle finger.

Last week, Billy! held a pop-up shop in New York City at the Shinola store on Prince St., where they welcomed customers to get their stunning gold chain welded onto their wrists. Many stepped up to the challenge, including the handsome Justin Theroux. While we all laughed when Kylie Jenner got her Cartier Bracelet stuck on her wrist, this timeless piece is becoming a sought-after staple for anyone who wants to maintain an effortless elegance.

Since the necklaces are made to order, there is a six to eight week wait period. However, Candice Pool Neistat has us lining up to buy one for ourselves, our moms, our best friends, and anyone else we can think of. She is one of the most underrated entrepreneurs in the fashion world, and as her husband approaches 10 million subscribers on YouTube, and they have a baby on the way – this year is Candice’s time to shine.


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