I feel like all I’ve been doing lately is packing and unpacking my small black suitcase between two flights. The only good side of this situation is the fact that I now know without a doubt which products I need to bring with me when I travel.

The following beauty products are the ones that make the cut everytime.


FRESH Umbrian Clay Purifing Mask -$75

Since Mayillah introduced me to the wonderful benefits of Fresh, I became ridiculously obsessed with this clay mask. It’s the miracle product that can save my face from the “I don’t think I’m going to be able to finish my articles on time” stressful phase. It’s also the first thing I put on my skin before jumping in a bubble bath as soon as I arrive in my hotel room.


BITE BEAUTY Mutistick in Lotus - $28

This one is a life saver for every girl who wants to look like something during a long-haul flight. It serves as the perfect “these are my lips but better” lipstick, along with giving you the perfect natural flush on your cheeks.


JANUARY LABS Revitalizing Day Cream - $68

I will say it again, my skin has a tendency to be in a pretty bad state from time to time. This is why I get obsessed with restoring its natural balance by using plant-based products. This day cream fights its dullness while leaving my face glowy -not greasy- and hydrated.


ATELIER COLOGNE Perfume Wardrobe - $52

I don’t care how long is my flight, there is no way in hell I’m gonna leave the plane smelling like airplane food and despair. Atelier Cologne carries two of my favorite colognes -Orange Sanguine and Manderine Glaciale- which both smell like you just stepped out of a fresh garden somewhere in Brazil. This travel kit also gives you the option to discover new fragrances.


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