Best Face Forward:

The beauty space is ripe with trends, gadgets, and promises. So much so that we are seeing, almost daily, more and more devices that promise results without going under the knife or needle. What was once reserved for the plastic surgeon’s office, or very high end derma spas, is now available in a more accessible space, and at a more palatable price tag. No downtime required. Lasers, LED lights, radio frequency, and micro-current therapy are just some of the options to prevent, tweak, and care for your face and body, able to address signs of aging, gravity, or begin the preventative quest to age gracefully.

By Lauren Walker-Lee

Toronto’s Tight Clinic offers non-invasive treatments that rival the alternative. Being one of the few places in Canada to offer state of the art technology that defies gravity, turns back time, and comes with a warning that treatment there “will cause happiness,” owner Karmen LaMer is happy to be providing an alternative and explains it all to us here.


On starting Tight Clinic
When I was 30 years old, I was diagnosed with cancer and had to face a year of treatments including chemotherapy, radiation, and many surgeries. After my treatment was finished, my hormones were severely affected and my face just started to fall. Most women face this in their 30s, however mine came fast and hard. I did not want to go down the route of knives and needles in any excessive manner. I wanted to preserve my youth but still look like myself. I was reading an article that was discussing the Forma Facial – it is extremely popular in the US, especially California and NYC, but there were very few places in Canada that were carrying the technology. After I met with the company, I was blown away by the technology (and the hefty price tag, explaining why it was rare in our country). I decided to bring this technology to everyone in a chill, laid back, positive environment and hence ‘Tight Clinic’ was born. It saved my face and I knew it would serve all Toronto women, either preventatively or as a rescue for skin that age and gravity has touched.

On her journey into health and wellness
I was in the watch and jewellery industry for over 15 years, working as a Director for many high end jewellery brands. I loved my career but at 35 I had a total midlife crisis and moved to the fashion brand, Chloe, also as a Director. The feeling of unrest still plagued me and I felt that my work was no longer gratifying. I wasn’t making a difference or actually helping anyone. With that thought I soon realized that my foray into luxury had come to an end and I needed to enter the next chapter of my professional career and go out on my own. I took many courses relating to laser and skin anatomy and was mentored by a Doctor who I studied with for some time, in order to be able to understand the best practices and contraindications that come along with radio frequency and laser, as well as how to efficiently run a clinic.


On the rise of non surgical procedures
I find that women love the beauty of their unique features and want to keep looking like themselves! Everything in moderation. If you want to put a little botox in your forehead, all the power to you. A little lip filler? You do you, girl. But instead of inflating cheeks and injecting jaw and chin or going under the knife, you can do 6 simple sessions of the Forma Treatment and you will be set for 3 years. You will look young, tight, fresh, and like yourself, which is truly incredible.


Treatments at Tight Clinic
Forma, Body FX – Non surgical alternative to liposuction which permanently kills fat cells and tightens skin.

Lumecca IPL – Targets age spots, pigmentation, redness and rosacea, broken capillaries, pores and fine lines.

Mini FX  – A smaller version of Body FX which is specifically for double chin reduction.

Forma Plus – 4x larger than Forma and is for tightening on the body (commonly used for stomach tightening postpartum, and it can even do non surgical breast lift!)


On Forma skin tightening
Forma uses radio frequency and heat with the most sophisticated technology available, to stimulate your existing collagen, build new collagen, and tighten and contract the skin with each session. The premise is, you are to do six sessions spaced about a week apart and your results will last 3 years. Most will come in once or twice a year for maintenance sessions as needed. Forma is very cumulative, you will see more lift each treatment, and at the end of 6, BAM, you are a baby again. Clients with stubborn lines or more significant sagging may need 8-10 treatments. Forma has been dubbed the “Non Surgical Facelift” and is used proudly by many celebs such as the Kardashians, Shay Mitchell, Chrissy Tiegan, Emma Roberts, Paula Abdul and basically every model in Hollywood.


The ideal “cocktail” for great skin
Forma! And drink lots of water and get your beauty rest. Plus a satin pillowcase for the win!


The leading treatment
Forma. We typically book 6-8 weeks in advance and can barely keep up, appointments are coveted. We are moving to a larger space in the spring and will be bringing in additional Forma Devices and Technicians to make booking more attainable for busy Toronto women.


On Results
You will see immediate results after your first session, however the most exciting and significant results come between treatments four and six. We send before and after pictures to each client after each treatment so the clients progress is meticulously documented.


On trends in the wellness and beauty space
To be honest, so many clinics are doing SO many things. We are truly specializing and focusing on the treatments we are currently doing because we are the BEST at what we do and we never want to diversify too much to become a ‘jack of all trades but a master of none.’ However, we are investigating a new laser that can plump the lips with no needles (basically a miracle) so we will keep you posted!


Her go-to beauty and wellness products
I have tried it all, from LaMer to La Prairie, SKII and everything in between. Now that Forma does all the heavy lifting, I swear by Volition Water Serum, and Weleda Skin Food before bed and in the morning. And I love the Dermalogical Daily microfoliant in the morning. It makes your skin look like glass. Keeping it simple is the best.



Written on: January 15, 2020