When the choker came back in style a few months ago, I wasn’t one to jump on the band wagon right away. I thought it would just be another fad created by nostalgic 90’s kids, but that was until I saw it all over the catwalks during this year’s fashion weeks.

So here I was on the hunt for the perfect choker.. shame on me for giving in to a trend just because some high-fashion influencer said it was cool,. right? Of course, they’ve made some slight changes and upgraded it from the basic black plastic stretch choker, it’s now more about metals, chains, and tasteful fabrics.

Thanks to my bipolarity towards what’s trendy, I discovered Biko. And just like that my new found love for bold metallic jewelry and my constant determination to support Canadian talents collided.




Biko Inc. is a jewelry brand that carries timeless quality pieces, all hand-crafted in Toronto. The use of polished metals makes it a quality product while their neutral tones such as silver, brass, and gold works well with practically everything. Sound familiar?

Even though a vintage feel can be observed within every collection, they are always up to date with the trends, hence the appearance of the choker in their recent lookbook. They described themselves as a ‘modern nostalgic’ brand.. there you go!



Studs and arrows are other trends that you might come across as you shop on their website. What more than flaunting spikes on your ears and a choker around your neck do you need to feel like an all-powerful badass?

Spotted on FKA twigs, and more recently on the Oscars red carpet, host and producer Betty Zhou wore both rings and earring from the brand. Biko is starting to get a lot of attention, so for once I’ll put the influencer’s hat on and suggest you get your hands on some of their unique and head-turning creations, because well, I say so, and that’s what influencers do.


Photography: Luis Mora