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Stop the presses! Bite Beauty is taking over our complexions. Praise be to the beauty gods for this amazing news. Bite began by revolutionizing the way we buy lipstick when they created their Lip Lab. They were one of the first to educate us on clean beauty ingredients, show us the perfect nude and how we could solve chapped lips with natural solutions. Now they’re taking their years long experience and R&D in clean ingredients and introducing three complexion products – showing us what the new face of clean products looks like. 

By Lauren Walker-Lee

Today, Bite Beauty introduced a primer, foundation and powder to the market, all with unique features that I would dare say are new to the complexion space. Just as they took over the lip department with their simple premise, ‘what you put on your lips should be as good as what you put in your mouth’, they’re entering the complexion game with their clean ethos for the body’s biggest organ. Introducing the “New Face of Clean,”  which boasts supercharged performance powered by superfoods, also being an all clean, vegan, and cruelty free product. 

Their new offering, dubbed the “Changemaker” system, features 2 Skin Optimizing Primers –  one mattifying (made with willowbark) and one hydrating (featuring olive oil and hyaluronic acid) depending on your skin needs. Their Supercharged Micellar Foundation is available in 32 shades, and features antioxidant rich maqui berry. Followed by the Flexible Coverage Pressed Powder made with finely milled volcanic minerals (not talc) in 8 buildable shades. 

It’s great to note that Bite is Canadian, and beyond a fun fact, it’s a lovely characteristic that might not be well known. We all love a Canadian success story or a Canadian actor winning an Oscar, don’t we? So let’s get excited in that Oprah sort of way! Bite Beauty has launched three new complexion products to help us get clean with our make-up routines.


Skin Optimizing Primer $38


Supercharged Micellar Foundation $38


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Flexible Coverage Pressed Powder $36



Available at Bite Beauty  and Sephora from January 10 2019.

Written on: January 10, 2020