The nature in Canada is beautiful, and it translates into even more beautiful products. These brands are some of the best undiscovered gems of the country. Read on to find your new sustainable, cruelty-free, and locally-sourced favourites. You’ll feel better knowing you’re putting good ingredients onto your body that aren’t being shipped across the world.



All you need to be hooked on the brand is to take one look. Our entire office was enthralled with their marble-inspired packaging and beautifully simple branding. It makes you feel even better to know that it’s made by pure botanicals and natural ingredients right here in Canada. After running the Hammam Spa in downtown Toronto for 12 years, founder Celine Tadrissi has added this natural skincare line that is made for everyone and free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates.

Standout Product: Essential Balm Miracle Multi-Use Oil ($45 / 60 ml)
This balm can be used to nourish all parts of your skin or hair; it includes elderberry, evening primrose, juniper berry, rosemary, lavender, and blueberry (just like all of Céla’s products!). It’s the perfect thing to pack in your bags because it’s the only thing you’ll need for hydrating your entire body.



The branding for eluo is also impeccable. Just look at the product photos in this article! The branding reflects the natural, botanical extracts and essential oils that are used in small batches in Calgary, Alberta. Eluo means to cleanse and clean, and the brand is hoping to expand the act of doing so to become a ritual in itself, which makes sense when you realize you have to mix up the powder with water to activate it, prolonging the experience.

Standout Product: Forma Viridi ($45)
I chose to try this one because I have oily but sensitive skin, so when this product promised to “balance” my skin, I was thrilled. Mixing it, the green tea makes a beautiful muted green mask that went on feeling cool and soft, leaving my face refreshed and reducing redness. I almost wish I did this ritualistic polish in the morning instead of at night because it left me feeling rejuvenated and awake.

Branding & Packaging Design: Glasfurd & Walker

Photography by Glasfurd & Walker x Ian Lanterman



Promoting the power of plants through body products with natural ingredients while respecting the body, animals, and the environment, is what BKIND is all about. BKIND uses fair-trade coffee, works to reduce their carbon footprint (they deliver by bike!), use recyclable and compostable materials, and are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, while fighting for animal welfare. In 2018, they have been sending 3% of the online sales to Refuge-RR, in Ontario.

Standout Product: Rose Water Face Mist ($25.95)
Made with rosehydrolate, witch hazel, hydrolate, aloe, radish root, ferment filtrate, and geranium, this product is perfect to give me a little more moisture without being a heavy cream. It helps to purify and combat skin problems, too!


Created in 2006, THE TEN SPOT® is described as the original anti spa® beauty bar. Opening the bright and fun packaging, you’ll find only the highest-quality products. CEO and Creator, Kirsten Gale, created the brand to bridge the gap between low-end beauty salon products and luxe spas, perfect for the urban professional (which so many of us are). Their products are 100% plant-based and cruelty-, gluten-, alcohol-, and paraben-free. Not to mention, that they have a specific 10spot® signature scent, which smells amazing.

Standout Product: the scrub ($34)

I love a good body scrub, and this one did not disappoint. While mixing it with water, it foams up while keeping its form, meaning that it can clean and slough away dead skin all at once. My skin feels wonderfully smooth and luxurious after each use.


De Massy

This brand puts out collections of unique fragrances, but they moreover create an experience. Each fragrance is hand-selected to match your mood. They invite you to spray the perfume while reading the daily motivational messages available on their phone app which are selected based on your fragrance of choice and linked to your emotional state.

Standout Product: Puissante / Full of Strength ($39)
With geranium, oud, and incense, this scent makes you feel ‘audacious’, ‘determined’, and ‘sumptuous’. These are certainly qualities I’m always looking to embody. More than that, it gave me confidence and even seemed to perk me up. When I logged onto the app to get a quote to go with the scent, I was given the inspiring, “It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent.”


Rocky Mountain Soap Company

On their website, they say, “We believe that high quality and effective personal and beauty care products should be good and safe for you, your family, and our earth,” and with their handmade, sustainable, simple all-natural ingredients, they definitely deliver on that promise.

Standout Products: Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Conditioner ($15.50 each)
Rosemary and mint are two of my favourite scents, and together they’re unbeatable for me. This duo has no sulfates or parabens, leaving my curly hair undeniably happy. Honourable mention goes to their natural Liquid Crystal Deodorant ($9.75) that comes in a variety of scents. This product leaves me smelling amazing and dry all day, and I know that I’m treating my body well with their natural Potassium Alum formula which doesn’t clog pores or pass into the bloodstream.



This brand is known for their anti-aging products, and, while I’m still young, it’s never too early to start fighting the effects of aging. Jouviance uses specialized ingredients like Filmexel® (to form a resistant, flexible, and non-occlusive film on the skin), Prohyal+® (to smooth skin and wrinkles), Vitamin E, Superox CTM (a unique superfruit with Vitamin C), Kakadu Plum extract (full of Vitamin C), Osilift (to moisturize and reduce redness), and many others.

Standout Product: SkinGlow FX Skin Perfecting Blur Cream ($50)
I love this for days when I want a simpler face without makeup. It smooths and evens my skin tone in a simplistic and natural looking way, leaving my skin feeling hydrated and soft but not oily. It’s also great as a primer underneath your makeup!



Graydon Skincare

The founder of the company, Graydon, describes herself as an “ingredient anthropologist” due to her being a proponent of plant-based ingredients that nourish and protect the skin. They create homemade recipes using “superfoods” which are then tweaked and tested by chemists to be commercially available.

Standout Product: Fullmoon Serum ($87 / 30ml)

This water serum has just been released, so get it while it’s hot off the presses. The beautiful blue-gemstone-coloured serum is filled with botanical collagen, vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, oligopeptides, and retinol to improve and protect your skin and combat aging while you sleep. You can use it alone or mix it with a moisturizer. It’s a bit too heavy for an everyday product for my oily skin, but if you have drier or less picky skin, then this would be perfect for you.



It was just recently that I was introduced to their skincare line, and I was not disappointed. Their various moisturizers are beautifully crafted and give plenty of hydration without clogging pores or giving an oily feeling. With some recent revamping in their design and image, the brand is sleeker and more impressive than ever. It’s no wonder that they’re a Canadian staple.

Standout Product: Ultime Comfort ($109.99)

This product is specifically crafted with people prone to redness in mind. It reduces skin redness and conceals with pigments that adapt to light and your skin tone (like a BB cream), while also targeting signs of aging. The ingredients include NeutrazenTM (to smooth skin and reduce redness), smoothing marine complex (a blend of algae to combat wrinkles and redness, giving a smoother and more even complexion), and organic stevia extra (to relax skin and minimize stress and aging).



BITE Beauty

This well-known lip-focused makeup line speaks to me with its bold and crimson branding and simple logo. Founded in 2011, the products are made with food-grade ingredients that are devoid of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, creating products with luxurious textures and high-pigment colours. If my lips are having a dry day, I know to turn to BITE. To top it off, BITE is cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny certified.

Standout Product: Agave Lip Care Trio ($53)

Including a mini version of their bestselling Agave Lip Balm, they also have an Agave Lip Mask and an Agave Lip Scrub that’s combined into a set meant to nourish, exfoliate, and hydrate your lips to perfection. I particularly love the scrub and the lip balm, but used as a trio, they’re even better than as standalone products.


F. Miller

Founder Fran Miller spent two years developing and perfecting the line of body care products that expertly prioritizes minimalism in ingredients and packaging while upholding outstanding quality. Using ingredients free of synthetic fragrances and colourings, harmful preservatives, sulphates, parabens, phthalates, PEGs, and SLSs, they instead use only the best organic, wildcrafted, and nutrient-rich ingredients that are consciously sourced and cruelty-free. On top of all this, their products are fantastic and luxurious.

Standout Product: Hair Oil ($48 / 30 ml)

The stimulate botanical oils help to protect, strengthen, and nourish hair all the way down to the follicle. I like to use this when my hair needs a little bit of a pick-me-up in the morning or halfway through the day. It leaves my hair feeling moisturized without any stickiness or crunchiness. It makes me feel better that in addition to improving shine, resilience, and balance, that it also helps sooth sensitive or irritated scalps and gives long-lasting positive effects.



Carina Organics

This is yet another brand that boasts cleanliness and purity in terms of ingredients. Using 100% natural medicinal organic ingredients, their products are free of cortisone, steroids, DEA, sulfates, salt, propylene glycol, aluminum, synthetic fragrances, and dyes, which are all linked to potential harm to either human health or the environment. They replace these synthetic ingredients with things like palm kernel extract, coconut, avocado, olive, flax seed, pumpkin seed, alfalfa, chamomile, echinacea, nettle, red clover, and sunflower for mild yet effective cleansing or hydration. Their products are made by hand on the North Shore of Vancouver, BC.

Standout Product: Pink Grapefruit Daily Light Conditioner ($12.99)

This product is scented with organic extracts from the peel of grapefruits. Mention grapefruit, and I’m already interested. I love the soft and natural scent that this conditioner has, which is not too overpowering or sweet. With curly hair, conditioner is 100% necessary for me, and this one did not disappoint. The day after my first use, my hair was looking bouncy and was so soft to the touch.

Caryl Baker Visage

This brand has been around since 1969, but for some reason I just discovered it this year. Caryl Baker, the founder, was a makeup artist and fashion model who created the brand with a foundation in safe beauty standards. Forty-nine years later, Caryl Baker has 33 face spas across Canada and a wonderful line of beauty products for the “neck up.” Even more exciting, upon arrival at the spa, you’ll get a complementary skin analysis and makeup application.

Standout Product: Natural Finish Foundation ($38.50)

This oil-free foundation is buildable to achieve a range from medium to full coverage. It manages to hydrate without the skin feeling oily or blocked up, covering up fine lines and pores (and my adult acne). With a great range of skin tones, this foundation has most people covered.


Elle R Cosmetiques

This brand is a relative newcomer; it was 2013 when Benoit Lussier created the company to offer new and innovative products to Quebec and Canada. These products range from essential face and skincare to fun and colourful makeup.

Standout Product: Looky Eyes Felt-Tip Eyeliner ($14.99)

This felt-tip liner is easy to apply and comes in a great range of colours: dark green (my personal favourite), blue, brown, violet, and, of course, black. The colours are bold, rich, and long-lasting. I love a colourful eyeliner that isn’t too bright and in your face, and Elle R Cosmetiques nails that.