Canadian Ready-to-Drink

Although many of the best cocktails are whipped up by bartenders on the spot, some can be taken on-the-go or enjoyed at home in cans. For backyard chilling, camping and hiking, or picnics in the park, nothing beats the convenience of a portable, summer-ready canned cocktail — no shaker required.

—By Marie-Ève Venne


Amermelade Spritz

A spritz is a refreshing, bittersweet aperitif that hails from Venice and has become a global phenomenon, dominating summer drinking and introducing everyone to a distinctly Italian practice. The Amermelade take on the popular drink, launched by Spiritueux Iberville team, is a ready-to-drink Quebec spritz. On the nose, expect a frank bouquet of citrus fruit with hints of fir and ginger emerges, and on the palate, one can distinguish the bitter aromas of pink grapefruit. 

Pair it with: Any combination of meats, cheeses and pickled vegetables and snacks like melon, potato chips, nuts, or olives.



Romeo’s Gin

Montreal ]-based Romeo’s Gin is offering high quality, low sugar and 100 percent natural products. Inspired by classic but revisited cocktails, the brand offers a ready-to-drink gin fizz with natural flavours of lemon and cucumber, and Pur Vodka, a gin tonic with natural flavours of ginger and lime and a blood orange and rhubarb spritz made with premium ingredients. We strongly suggest serving them over ice in a tall glass.

Pair it with: Pan-seared shrimp, hazelnuts and macadamias or strong-flavored cheeses like Manchego or Stilton, served alone or with crackers.



Fit Hard Soda

Fit Hard Soda is Canada’s first ready-to-drink, natural fruit flavoured, vodka soda beverage sweetened with monk fruit, an all-natural sugar-alternative. Initially launching in three western provinces: British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, Fit Hard Soda comes in white, standard 355 mL cans.  The cans are sold in an easy-to-carry 8-can mixer pack with two of each flavour per pack.

Pair it with: Tapas-like meals comprised of dishes like caviar, pickled fruit and vegetables, blinis, salted mackerel and herring.


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Written on: July 17, 2020