Cartier’s Latest Panthère de 

Having premiered January 6th in cinemas and across Cartier’s social and digital channels, Cartier has released another visually beautiful film for their iconic Panthère de Cartier collection, produced by German videographer Jonas Lindstroem. 

By Luisa Tarantino

The new film features and unites an array of fearless and unique personalities, including Ella Balinska, Annabelle Wallis, Chang Chen, and Mariacarla Boscono. The film speaks to the truths of iconic Panthère line – it is charged with strength, magnetism, and character.

Coming together like a tribe of panthers, the International cast finds each other all over the world, recognizing each other as their own, with  the same animal distinction whose wild, magnetic look is a sign of freedom. The panther accompanies them everywhere with her feline shadow like a copy of themselves.


Written on: January 13, 2020