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They are many legends that try to explain why April 20th (4-20) is international weed-smoking day. Some say it all started in the 1970s with some high school kids in California, while others prefer to link it to a Bob Dylan’s song. Whatever theory you choose to believe, 4-20 stays a reason to gather with some friends and enjoy a now legal pleasure in Canada. Because hate it or love it, smoking weed is now perceived as banal as sipping a glass of wine on a Sunday afternoon.

Jumping on the bandwagon, VerdeVie aims to revolutionize the world of cannabis accessories thanks to its beautifully crafted and highly functional pieces. To help you celebrate 4-20, they thought of everythin to let you take it easy with their The VerdeVie ‘Rest Kit’,comprised of their signature sleep mask ($60.00), “Verde Vida” acrylic tray ($50.00), door knob hanger ($30.00), and the first of its kind odor-eliminating candle ($85.00).

The “Gone with the Wick” candle (hand-poured in Canada) is set to truly break down and eliminate any odor from your little relaxation time. With powerful notes of citrus and subtle amber tones, this is one of the fanciest (and cutest) weed odor eliminator that will keep your high habits under wraps.

This 4-20, you’ll definitely be able to float on your stylish stoner way thanks to VerdeVie!


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