CellArt: The Wine Cellar of

Wine lovers rejoice! The newly launched Quebec company, CellArt, will design the wine cellar, wine spaces, wine objects, and wine art pieces of your dreams.
By Luisa Tarantino 

With a deep passion and an even deeper knowledge of wine, along with a wealth of design expertise, CellArt can create incredibly beautiful and uniquely designed spaces. Whether you want a bespoke wine cellar or an experiential tasting room, CellArt’s creations can rise out o the basement and become the most impressive room in your home. That’s surely one way to impress your guests.

However, if you want your very own CellArt creation, you’ll have to start brainstorming now. CellArt only makes 52 projects a year in order to preserve the singularity, quality, craftsmanship, and authenticity of every single one of their projects. Whether for the creation of a new wine object or art piece, CellArt collaborates with designers and artists to create pieces, from coasters, decanters, champagne buckets, and much more using the finest materials Quebec has to offer.

With its launch, the company has just announced a partnership with leading fine and rare wine auction house, Acker.

For more information, visit their website and be sure to take a look at their portfolio to be absolutely blown away.

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Written on: October 29, 2019