This september, discover Chanel‘s Fall Winter 2014/15 Eyewear Collection.

Not everyone can pull off elegance and sophistication with a head of pink bubble gum hair, but Charlotte Free may be one of the few that can. Karl Lagerfeld’s unique perception of this season’s eyewear collection becomes revealed through the retro yet romantic campaign advertisements featuring the pink bubble gum hair beauty.



Still shots of her dreamy expression glimpses through the glasses that frame her porcelain blue eyes, casting gentle child-like gazes at whoever catches her eye. In other shots she becomes a modern independent woman with a sultry pout, her gaze no longer seeming child-like but one of playful mischief and assertive femininity.



The collection has two aspects to it, with the sunglasses focusing on contemporary shapes, such as the stylized butterfly, cat eye, XXL square and pantos, while the optical glasses focus on square, oval, rectangular and cat eye frames. Infused with soft and translucent colours, the frames can be done in either taupe and grey or for a darker feel for the fall season, there’s the classic black, tortoiseshell, as well as the burgundy and navy blue. A discrete logo of the double C merges imperceptibly into a game of mirrors in ruthenium subtly mixed with rhinestones, making Chanel the signature of sober and refined elegance.




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