We sat down with L.A. based Kevin Hughes, Moroccanoil Global Spokesperson/Creative Design team, to finally crack the code to that perfect modern Hollywood wave. “Modern Hollywood hair is all about having a soft wave. It almost looks as if the hair is blown out and has all this bounce and volume to it,” says Kevin. Follow this step-by-step guide, and we promise you’ll be red carpet ready in no time (even if your carpet is Ikea and your award stage is a Cheetos stained couch).


Step 1: Wash Smart

“The first step is in the shower. If you have finer hair, I recommend starting off with an extra volume shampoo like Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo ($27 for 250 mL). It’ll get volume into the hair without weighing it down. Thick and coarse hair gals should use a hydrating shampoo like Moroccanoil Smoothing Shampoo ($29 for 250 mL) to smooth out the cuticle for a perfect canvas.”

Step 2: Prep

“Towel dry your hair well, and then add your favourite styling product. I always recommend the Moroccanoil Treatment ($47 for 100 mL). Apply it from the mid lengths to the ends of the hair, and then you can use a multitude of things; it really depends on your hair type. If you have fine hair, you’re going to want to use something like Moroc-canoil Volumizing Mousse ($30 for 250 mL) to add volume to the hair. If you have thick or coarse hair, you’re going to want to use Moroccanoil StylingCream ($38 for 300 mL) to smooth out the wave.”



Step 3: Blow it out

“Start your blow dry with a large round brush (if you have short hair, you should use a 35-millimetre brush. If you have long hair, you should use a 55-millimetre one). When you start to blow-dry, you want to immediately lift the hair away from the scalp. If you’re not great with a brush, turn your head upside down and blow dry it that way so the hair is automatically away from the scalp. Gravity will bring it down; so, don’t worry about it being too big. For this type of look, you want to make sure you’re bending the ends. You don’t want to leave them straight. That brings a casual sort of feel to it. The key to modern Hollywood hair is that it’s smooth, and there’s a bounce at the end. Make sure it’s one hundred percent dry before moving on to the next step.”



Step 4: Curl

“Get out your curling iron. If you have shorter hair, you might use a one-inch iron. If you have longer hair, you might use a one and a quarter inch. Work in sections starting at the top so ithas more time to set. The sections are goingto be the same size as your curling iron. So, ifyou’re using a one-inch iron, you’re going totake one-inch sections. Make sure you spray every strand with Moroccanoil Hairspray ($26 for 330 mL) before you curl it.


That’s the key. So many people wonder why their curls don’t last, and that’s really the key. Spray every strand and then take your curling iron. Place the iron closer to the head. You’re slowly going to feed away from the root until you get the entire strand in. The reason that we do that is because you’re setting the root area first. The ends curl really easily, and you don’t want to have them in the iron for a very long time.You want the root area in there. The ends are going to be the last thing that’s fed through the iron. Make sure you hold your hand on the hair; that’s going to tell you when it’s done.


If you can still hold your hand there and you don’t feel the hot heat, it hasn’t heated fully through all the hair. Once you feel the heat through out, you can release it. You’re going to open the clip of the iron and slowly pull it out, and you’re going to support that curl. What you’re going to do next—and this is really important—is take a duck-bill clip or a pin curl clip, and hold that curl and pin it in place. When you do that it cools down in that shape,and it sets it. It’s very important. You’ll have a longer lasting, stronger curl, and more volume.”



Step 5: Brusha brusha brusha

“After the hair is completely cooled down, you’re going to remove all the pins in sections. Use a boar bristle brush to brush that out into a wave. You’re going to actually work in sections, and you’re going to brush through the curl downwards. Follow the brush with your hand, and you’re going to smooth and bring every section together. That’s what brings it from a curl into a wave.”


Step 6: Part

“For the top area: give a little tease at the very upper corner where your part is. You can part your hair wherever you’d like. I always recommend a very deep side part for an old Hollywood look—it’s a bit more dramatic. You can use a little bit of hair spray to keep it in place or away from your face. Tuck the light side behind your ear. With a modern Hollywood set, it is important that there’s always a light side and a heavy side. Push the light side back, and tuck it behind the ear. It gives a little more drama to the front.”




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