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It’s no secret that the beauty industry is incredibly profitable, and it’s no surprise that celebrities want to hop on the opportunity. From Rihanna to Iman to Kylie Jenner to even Madonna, the celebrity beauty market is starting to grow and even rival well-known beauty brands. If you’re looking to test some of what celebrities have to offer, we’ve compiled a list of celebrity beauty brands you can try.

By Luisa Tarantino



It’s impossible to talk about celebrity beauty brands without talking about Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty. Fenty Beauty has been absolutely revolutionary, and such a gamechanger in the beauty industry. While a myriad of independent inclusive beauty brands already existed before Fenty, Rihanna’s line really pushed the biggest beauty brands to reflect on just how non-inclusive they are, pushing brands to realize what is a salient fact: women of colour wear makeup too. Fenty has a ton of bestsellers, from the Pro Filt’r Foundation to the Gloss Bomb to it’s blinding (and we meaning blinding) highlighters. If you want to try their latest drop, check out their latest cream contour and cream blushes to achieve that natural, dewy summer look. Oh, and the newly dropped Fenty Skin too!



A queen to many, it was about time Lady Gaga got into the makeup game. As expected by Gaga’s bold and colour track record, Haus Laboratories’ products celebrate the whole range of the rainbow. In terms of marketing and products, Haus embraces everything glam and inclusive. Shimmery palettes and bold matte lipsticks will have you just as ready for the club as for an artistic, edgy look. Super slick, black packaging channels the power and dynamism of Gaga. For their latest launch, check out their Eye-Dentify Gel Pencil Eyeliner, available in an array of vibrant colours.



Disclaimer: We’re not here to judge, but to simply provide you with a list. Kim K got some flack from beauty gurus, and her products were not necessarily universally loved. We’ll let you decide for yourself. Just like all other Kim K marketing, KKW Beauty has nude, minimalist packaging, and is largely focused on contour, highlight, and lips in order for you to achieve that classic Kim K look. While her contour sticks are her most popular product, KKW Beauty has everything from eyeshadow palettes and brush sets to body foundation and body highlight. For their latest launch, check out the Classic II Eyeshadow Palette, featuring warm nudes and sexy shimmers perfect for summer.



Before there was Fenty Beauty, there was Iman Cosmetics. Iman Cosmetics was launched in 1994 by model iconic Iman Abdulmajid, and as the website explains, IMAN Cosmetics are designed for African American, Asian, Latina and multi-cultural women with skin tones in a myriad of shades.” Iman Cosmetics has the whole range of goods suited for women of colour – plenty of foundation shades, beautiful flattering highlighters and lipsticks with the bonus of all products being affordable! We can’t get our eyes off Iman’s stunning highlighters — the Luxury Liquid Illuminator is perfect for a summer glam look.



In case you didn’t know, Madonna is associated with a skincare brand. According to the brand, being a skincare aficionado, MDNA “found its way to Madonna through her personal esthetician before the rest of the world caught on.” MDNA describes itself as being sourced from Italy and innovated in Japan. A super slick, luxurious brand, MDNA will have you feeling like you’re putting the most precious Italian resources on your skin. The packaging is ultra-glam yet super unisex, a nod to the brand’s focus on formula and ingredients. Their Rose Mist is one of their best sellers, formulated from naturally mineral-rich Montecatini Thermal Water (HOLY WATER) and rose to smooth and soothe the skin.


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Written on: September 3, 2020