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At Dress to Kill, we know that shopping local not only feels good, but supports our local talent and community, and ensures that they have the ability to keep on producing their incredible products. Even more, shopping local reminds us that Canada has an incredible talent that can rival even the best, and we should be proud! This holiday season, consider shopping local at our pop-up shop, Le Magasin Général, which includes a carefully curated selection of some of the best in Canadian design and fashion. To inspire you, here’s some of our favourite Canadian jewellery designers that you just have to know, whose products are available at Le Magasin Général.

By Luisa Tarantino

Dean Davidson

Having launched in 2007, Dean Davidson has adorned a series of celebrities, from Oprah to Meghan Markle. An internationally known Canadian jewellery designer, Dean Davidson was also awarded the Canadian Arts & Fasion Award’s 2019 Accessories Designer of the Year. Having traveled extensively, Davidson’s designs draw on his inspirations from his travels, coming in a variety of styles and cuts. Each piece is made from the utmost quality materials, and feature Davidson’s signature gold or rhodium brush finish, a technique Davidson learned in Paris, that gives his pieces a timeless and unique  quality.

canadian jewellery designer

Photographer: Malina Corpadean. Beauty: Steven Turpin. Model Charlotte. Retouching Valerie LaLiberte 


Sold in Montreal and online, Harakiri is an incredibly edgy, artistic brand making truly unique pieces of jewellery. Harakiri describes their pieces as having a “soft agressiveness” in terms of design, yet their pieces always feel smooth on the skin, featuring a sort of magic energy.  Harakiri’s pieces for both men and women are raw cut yet beautiful, sturdy yet dainty. Selling all sorts of jewellery such as rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, you can’t find the sort of designs Harakiri produces anywhere else.

canadian jewellery designer


A jewellery studio and gemstone broker, Benaderrete makes stunning feminine, classic jewellery. They produce silver and gold jewellery as well as bronze objet d’art, with natural precious stones that have been selected one by one. Benaderette’s pieces are modern and contemporary, featuring geometric shapes and innovative cuts. They sell rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, as well as engagement rings. For a classic piece that still stands out, Benaderette is sure to shine.

canadian jewellery designer

Caroline Savoie

A Montreal-based jewellery designer, Caroline Savoie describes her designs as “soulful, distinctive, and gorgeous,” and as wearable pieces of art. Her collections include unique, unisex designs that fuse both bold and refined features. Savoie’s designs are both contemporary and edgy yet classic and timeless, made of 18-carat gold or silver. With piece handcrafted in her studio, every piece of Savoie’s jewellery is one of a kind.

canadian jewellery designer

Mark Lash

Having been worn by huge celebrities like Beyonce and Angelina Jolie, Mark Lash makes absolutely jaw-dropping pieces. As one of Canada’s most prominent jewellery designers, the success of the Mark Lash brand can be attributed to innovative custom design and quality craftsmanship. With pieces that balance individual style with a classic timelessness, Mark Lash’s collections are sure to suit any style and wow anyone who sees them.

Want to shop these incredible designers? Come see us at Le Magasin Général at 9415 Boulevard Leduc, Suite 5 at Le Blok in Quartier Dix30 or call us at 450-926-3539.

Written on: December 10, 2019