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As part of my initiative to showcase the diversity of local brands, I invite you to discover Elisa C-Rossow, a label composed of the essentials of a woman’s wardrobe with clean, minimalist lines.

           —By Andrew McNally


Elisa C-Rossow by Elisa C-Rossow, Designer. 

What is the story behind your brand and how would you describe it? In May 2008, I started conceiving my first collection. Even before launching my brand, I had the idea to create timeless pieces, essentials of a woman’s wardrobe, cut in quality fabrics with a great attention to finishings; versatile and multifunctional garments that do not follow trends. 

What is your creative process? I have everything in my head. When I draw, I imagine the garment in its globality and I foresee any finishing issues I might have. It is my favorite part as I am a perfectionist. This also reduces my margin of error when producing the prototypes. 

What has inspired your latest collection? Refined and simple lines. 

What are your influences? In general, I am very influenced by architecture and sculptures. 


Elissa C-Rossow

Elissa C-Rossow

What is your fondest fashion memory? The reversible PHOENIX vest. It is very versatile, two looks in one piece, and can be worn three seasons. 

Who is the ELISA-C-ROSSOW woman? She is hard to pinpoint. My clients are very diverse and that is what I like most. 

What is your fondest fashion memory? My first fashion show back in October 2008.

How are you coping with COVID? Many of my made to measures orders have been cancelled or postponed. Everything is quite uncertain at the moment for many designers. But I am staying positive and continue working (from home). 

Elissa C-Rossow

Elissa C-Rossow

On a different note… Which book is on your nightstand at the moment? “Petit manuel de résistance contemporaine” by Cyril Dion. It helps to slow down. It is the perfect book right now. 

Which song are you listening to over and over? “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers. 

Which television series are you binge watching? I am a fan of “The Office”.

What is your favorite recipe of the moment? Zucchini and asparagus risotto. 

Which movie inspires you? Definitely “Metropolis” directed by Fritz lang.

Elissa C-Rossow

Elissa C-Rossow

Elissa C-Rossow

Elissa C-Rossow

Elissa C-Rossow

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Written on: August 3, 2020