The guys from Heat are exactly what you would expect from a group of up-and-coming rockers. Sunglasses stuck to their face, they’re usually chain smoking and they keep a permanent grin on that turns up the charm.


I met them at La Plante on Van Horne, a typical mile-end hang out where bands come to practice. Once you get in the backyard, you end up on a hybrid terrace near a (very noisy) railroad track, where giant logs double as office chairs. You can’t make up this kind of place up.

Seated on a pink stool, I was eager to learn more about the rock group. If Heat were together for over a year, the actual composition of the band as a 4 man group is something very recent, a few months actually. With Susil Sharma on vocals and guitar, Matthew Fiorentino on lead guitar, Alex Crow playing drums, and Raphael Bussieres slapping the bass, Heat seems to have found their strength.

They just released a new edition of their EP Rooms under the French label Kitsuné, with two new songs, “All I Wanna Do” and “This Life” featured on it. The first time you listen to their music, the comparisons with The Strokes and The Velvet Underground are inevitable. It is exactly the sound my friends and I grew up with, annoyed and bored by the songs playing on the top 40 hit list. When asked about if it might help them reach out to that slightly older generation, the singer was quick to answer.




“These things come in waves every couple of years but I don’t think that we anticipated something like this. We just do the music that we like” declares Susil.

And that’s the general vibe you get from the band. These are guys that just want to make music they like and reaching success might be a bonus at the end. They have that laid back attitude of people who don’t care if you like what they do or not. But coming from Montreal, a city well known for its booming music scene, the risk of becoming “just another band” is still very real.

“When we started, there were not a lot of places for our genre of music, and even there, we always felt a good vibe of acceptance and laid back attitude in the city.”

The public response has so far been very positive. With thousands of views for their first video clip “Rooms” and comments like “sounds like top shelf material”, the song seems to have reached its target audience. “Rooms has all the things that represent the band. It has all the elements we are about”. One of the songs on their EP is named “25“, and has just the right amount of melancholy to be the perfect anthem for every millennial going through a midlife crisis. It is refreshing to hear music with an old rock n’ roll sound, and with lyrics that don’t sugarcoat the reality of things.

The timing seems perfect right now for Heat to launch their first complete album. “It’s coming soon, we are working with our label Kitsuné and we are excited to show our new material. We have to play it on tour before going in studio to be sure that the new songs are great and the crowd are responsive.”

Speaking of tours, the band seems eager to share some exciting news. “We are not supposed to talk about it but…” They look at their manager, waiting for a signal of approval. “Tomorrow we are getting a van because we will be a part of a huge tour through the US with Bully from Nashville. But before that, we are doing a smaller tour in the Maritimes and Quebec.” They will also be a part of this years edition of Pop Montreal, as one of their first shows with Bully before hitting the road.



Upcoming tour dates:

09/18 - Beachland, Cleveland, OH with Bully
09/19 - Riot Fest, Toronto, ON
09/20 - Pop Montreal Festival, Montreal, QC with Bully
09/22 - The Loving Touch, Ferndale, MI with Bully
09/24 - Error Records, Pygmalion Festival Champaign, IL with Bully
09/25 - Midpoint Music Festival Cincinnati, OH with Bully
09/26 - Mohawk Place, Buffalo, NY with Bully
09/28 - Music Hall Of Williamsburgh, Brooklyn, NY with Bully
09/30 - Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia, PA with Bully

Fore more infos.


All the pictures are the work of Oumayma B. Tanfous, a based Montreal photographer. Through her unique vision, she delivers intimist portrait of musical artists for Dress To Kill. You can explore her work here.

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