Mercedes designs a private jet

The german auto maker proves they’re just as good in the air as they are on land

Mercedes-Benz are well known for their luxurious sedans, sports cars, and trucks. Now, they will be known for their jaw-dropping interior design sense. In collaboration with aerospace firm Lufthansa Technik, Mercedes Benz Style has designed what looks like a floating hotel suite. It’s safe to say this jet is nicer than most peoples homes, with a design ethos that embodies minimalism, elegance, and refined comfort.

Mercedes also integrated design elements from their S class series, “The cabin windows are concealed by so-called black panels, which, inspired by the screen design in the Mercedes‑Benz S-Class, appear to float in front of the window like a light corona” says a representative from the  Mercedes-Benz Style team.

The collaboration is still just a concept, but if it proves to be popular, and honestly, there’s no reason anyone should not want to travel in this beauty, it might become a reality. Not that we’ll ever sit in one, but anything is possible. The jet will make its first stop at EBACE 2015, a major European aircraft convention showcasing some of the best designs in the industry.

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Written on: May 29, 2015