Over 50,000 vinyl recordings free to the public

In what is a great effort to preserve history, New York’s ARChive of contemporary art (ARC) has partnered with the internet archive to its great 78 project to life. With some help from audiovisual digitization vendor George Blood L.P, and some other volunteers, ARC has uploaded over 50,000 digitized 78 rpm disc and cylinder recordings, each one free for public appreciation.

Although the ongoing process of digitizing these vinyls has lead to the internet archive uploading over 200,000 recordings, do not expect find any recent hit records, as the most of the recordings were made prior to the 1950’s. The material on which the music was recorded, shellac, is a brittle material that could easily crumble in  your hand if not properly handled. Without the creation of the digital versions, many of these albums could have been lost forever.

The collection is free to the public to listen, comment, and download. Available at archive.org, expect to find early jazz, bluegrass, blues, and even yodeling.

Written on: August 31, 2017