LEAPFactory sets up shop on Mt.Blanc

I LeapFactory has now made it possible to live at the edge of a mountain in pure comfort.

The LeapHut living quarter is entirely solar powered and is fully built off site. The LeapHut is then transported by helicopter, and is easily installed on location with a limited number of operations.

The LeapHut  has been designed to resist the harsh conditions of high altitudes, its sandwich shell structure and materials provide the high level of thermal insulation needed at such elevations. he interior fittings of the functional units have been studied for optimal comfort with special attention to the un-alterability of materials, to hygiene and to safety.

Included inside the LeapHut is living unit with pantry and cooker, a sleeping unit with adjustable bunks, and a transparent ends made of anti scratch acrylic sheets. The entrance unit inner door is thermally insulated, while the top of the hut is equipped with a photovoltaic film which provides all the energy necessary.





Written on: October 6, 2017