Somewhere deep, deep down in our DNA lives a very powerful drive to collect more gadgets. The awareness that one more tool could make life easier started hundreds of thousands of years ago and has persisted ever since. With so many revolutionary new gadgets, products, and tools being released every day that would make our cave-dwelling ancestors faint, it can be a bit hard to filter through everything and find the ultimate must-have tech that’s out there. Luckily for you, DTK did some of that filtering for you.

                        —By Aaron Cunningham

So, what’s on the horizon? What are the coolest new gadgets, tools, and devices in 2020 that will make our lives easier, more productive, and more fun? We’ve comprised a list of some of the coolest new smart glasses, gaming devices, electric cars, and even something to help you upgrade your grill.

2020 tech gadgets


Vue has designed the first pair of smart glasses that are virtually indistinguishable from a normal pair of glasses. Their concept was simple; they wanted to design a pair of smart glasses that were stylish and functioned exactly like normal prescription frames. Although these glasses look exactly like a normal pair of glasses, they come loaded with a lot of interesting features to enhance your life.

The frames come with built-in wireless bone conduction speakers that actually send sound waves directly to your ears through your skull. Bone conduction speakers mean that your ears are free to hear surrounding ambient noise. Now, if you decided to ride your bike, or even walk down the street, you will be able to hear important signals from cars, allowing you to stay safe while still listening to your favourite songs.

You can also have the glasses give you hands-free directions while you walk down the street. While you’re walking, the glasses also track all of your movement and steps, so you can track your fitness without relying on wearing a Fitbit style bracelet. Vue plans to constantly add new features to enhance your life and give you hands-free access to your technology. 

2020 tech gadgets


LG has designed a television that disappears when you’re not using it. It transitions from horizontal to non-existent by rolling down into the base when not in use. LG debuted the OLED 4K HDR smart television at CES, one of the world’s largest consumer trade shows, and just announced the Signature OLED TV R will go on sale in 2020. 

So, start saving your pennies because you will need a rumoured $75 000 if you want this 65-inch TV in your man cave. Yes, that’s right, $75 000 for a TV that is so thin and flexible, it can safely roll away into the base, leaving you with an unobstructed view. Perhaps we may wait a few years for the more consumer-friendly model.

2020 tech gadgets


The new Dell Alienware Concept UFO is to PC gaming what the Nintendo Switch is to console gaming. In other words, you can bring your favourite PC game with you on the go, with an Intel-powered handheld gaming device. The Portable Windows PC features an 8-inch display, a kickstand, detachable controllers, and support for external devices like displays, or a keyboard and mouse. As of now, it’s still a concept device but the rumours are that we may be seeing more ‘UFOs’ on the horizon in 2020.

2020 tech gadgets


VR lovers will be lining up to get their hands on the next-generation VR headset. The Index has an ultra-crisp display that runs well even with older GPUs, a wider field of view, higher refresh rate, and Valve’s knuckle controllers that track the movement of every finger. 

Although the Index is twice as expensive as many of its competitors, it may be worth the cost for the true VR aficionados. 

2020 tech gadgets

Looking for a new robot friend? The Samsung Ballie is designed to follow you around your home, kind of like your own BB-8 from Star Wars. The Ballie is an interesting combination of smart home device and robot companion, equipped with cameras and sensors used to follow you around, as well as take photos, and send you updates about your home when you’re away. It can also control various smart home features and even act as a personal fitness assistant and security robot. 


This one may not revolutionize your life as much as a personal assistant robot but it’s still a lot of fun and it may even be a must-have for the self-proclaimed grill masters out there. Weber invented a device that attaches your smartphone to your BBQ. It sends real-time temperature info to your phone to make sure you have the perfect temperature for your summer grill sessions, so you don’t burn those burgers and hotdogs.




Written on: May 9, 2020