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Multi-tasking has never been so true. In this new normal state amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, we are finding ourselves pulled in various directions. As we have gotten acquainted with an entirely new work (from home) and life balance, we are additionally turning to new methods to find energy, spark creativity, and unwind after a long day. 

By Lauren Walker-Lee

Photo by Tyler Bowditch  

With this multi-faceted issue comes mixed emotions, coping mechanisms, and innovative options to reframe priorities whilst achieving a normal semblance of life. Keeping on top of work, learning new skills, adapting fitness routines, or pursuing a passion are just some of things we are doing while we shelter at home. And everyone’s recipe or routine is different; there are possibly no two stories alike in regards to where we have each found ourselves as life hit this lengthy pause. With wellness top of mind, and myriad options for mind, body, and soul, our spiritual, physical and mental health is spoiled for choice when it comes to innovative products, apps, and solutions.

Earlier this year, during the second wave of cannabis legalization in Canada the California based wellness and cannabis brand dosist hit the market- and not a moment too soon as if there was a crystal ball. As they awaited the new legislation (over a year) for edibles and vapes, they released an award winning marketing campaign Not Available in Canada to familiarize Canadians with their revolutionary brand of dose pens. Featuring six formulas for six different needs or intents. Dubbed the Apple of the cannabis world their proprietary dose pen delivers precise 2.25 mg doses ensuring a reliable and consistent experience. Founded on the belief that cannabis can bring about wellness and happiness, dosist alongside scientists and advocates has made it their mission to rediscover the ancient healing properties of cannabis and provide alternative healing solutions.

As we approach the long celebrated, but now completely acceptable holiday of 4/20, let’s take a look at all the goodness this trailblazing canna-wellness brand has to offer. As previously mentioned, our unique individualized circumstances of a life on hold while also adapting to a new normal, requires individual options to live optimally, manage concerns, and have a bit of fun.

The dose pen by dosist offers a lineup of formulas that caters to everyday needs, available in two sizes.

  • soothe – To ease your muscles after an evening workout
  • calm – To put those worries at bay
  • bliss – To feel energized and good before a day of Zoom meetings/parties/workshops
  • arouse – To get excited to try new recipes or start a new hobby
  • passion – To give you that much needed spark and connection with your loved one
  • rest – To get a goodnight’s sleep

cannabis dose pens

cannabis dose pens

cannabis dose pens

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Written on: May 1, 2020