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Want to do something a little more interesting with your time off this year? Hop on a plane to one of these top destinations where you can stay active, experience something new, and still return refreshed.


The Nostalgist

Feel like walking in the footsteps of legends? Step up to tee off at St. Andrews Links in Scotland, where golf was born.

The historical courses have challenged golfers for over 500 years. This trip is the definitive bucket-list item for all golf enthusiasts and is surprisingly playable for most skill levels. The world-famous Old Course is only available from January to April, and you’ll have to book months in advance to have a shot at it. But, the walk up to the final hole is enough to make the trip worth it on its own. Just ask Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus, or Tiger Woods.

The deal: St. Andrew’s offers packages starting at $235 for a round at the Old Course. Don’t forget to factor in flights, accommodations, and scotch.


colorado river

The Thrill Seeker

What better way to spend a vacation than by plunging yourself into unforgiving rapids? If danger is your thing, the Colorado River in the United States is home to the most famous stretch of whitewater as it passes through the Grand Canyon.

You could save a chunk of time to check out the Canyon on foot, too, because this rafting adventure can be anywhere from one day to two weeks, depending on how brave you are.

The deal: A three-day trip with Western River Expeditions starts at just south of $2,000. It includes everything from food to camping. You just have to fly to Las Vegas first – and not get distracted along the way.



The Beach Bum

Bali, Indonesia has quickly become one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. A good chunk of visitors are still drawn to its diverse surfing scene, which offers a little something for everybody.

Never stepped on a board in your life? Head to the lagoons. Consider yourself a pro? The outer reef breaks of the southern Bukit Peninsula can be your playground. The point is, surfing is cool, and anyone can try it. So, go out and ride some waves, dudes.

The deal: Barefoot Surf Travel offers a 12-day camp in Bali. When you’re not learning how to surf from the pros, you can hang out in your luxurious clifftop villa. It’ll cost you around $3,500, for starters.



The Sports Fan 野球

If you want to take a baseball road trip to the next level, grab your foam finger and head over to Japan. Baseball is the most watched and played sport in the country, and the rambunctious crowds offer a unique viewing experience for fans.

Japan is home to 12 professional teams scattered across the country. From the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters, who play at the Sapporo Dome in northern Japan, to the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks on the southern island, the country is full of rabid baseball fans who feed off the high-energy of the bat-flipping Japanese players.

The deal: JapanBall offers a wide variety of baseball tours. $3,600 per person will get you to Japan and back on The Main Tour. It features plenty of baseball, food, and even a sumo wrestling tournament.



The Fitness Guru

If you take joy in hopping on a bicycle and commuting to work, then maybe it’s time to consider upping your cycling game. Taking a trip through Chile should do the trick.

Peddle as hard as your heart desires as you pass through the Patagonian rainforest, up and down the volcanic terrain and around pristine Chilean lakes. This cycling adventure really is everything you would imagine it to be.

The deal: DuVine cycling offers a couple of different bike tours through Chile. The Lakes + Volcanoes trip features extraordinary sightlines. It is a seven-day trip at about $6,000 and has everything except airfare included.

Written on: June 18, 2019