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As part of my initiative to showcase the diversity of local brands, I invite you to discover the bespoke suits by Sartorialto, whose tagline is “a man doesn’t invest in a custom suit so that he can disappear into the background”.  
           —By Andrew McNally

Photo: Alejandro Escamilla

Sartorialto by Maud Marquis-Breton and Marc Patrick Chevalier, co-founders and co-creative directors.  

What is the story behind your brand and how would you describe itOur brand was born at a time when men’s suiting selection was limited; the standardization of models and sizes left little room for individuality, especially for men of non-standard sizes. Today, I would say that our brand still represents an avenue parallel to that of ready-to-wear.   

Antoine-Olivier Pilon wearing SARTORIALTO

What is your creative process? Our creative process is always based on a discussion with the client for whom the garment is intended.   

What has inspired your latest collection? One of our last collections before confinement was a selection of Summer loungewear pieces including pants, shirts and robes in ultra-lightweight seersucker cotton. The other collection we were working on before the shutdown consisted of bomber jackets and more casual clothing inspired by a client whose notoriety is on the rise.   



What are your inspirations of the moment? Right now, trying to stay zen is the best influence. 

What is your signature piece? A brightly colored silk and cashmere and jacket. 

Who is the Sartorialto man? A man of ambition and good taste, concerned about the surroundings in which he evolves and who understands that a good suit is more essential than a beautiful car.  

What is your fondest fashion memory? The publication of a Canadian magazine that listed the most “fashionable” personalities in the country; three of the top 5 men are our friends and clients. 

Photo: Alejandro Escamilla

How are you coping with COVID? Since a customer ordered masks from us and three hours later we published the result on social networks, we are struggling to meet the demand. It’s far from bespoke tailoring but the feeling of doing good and the response from customers is super motivating. 

On a different note… which book is on your nightstand at the moment? “Mordecai: The Life & Times” by Charles Foran. 

Which song are you listening to over and over? I made a list that I called “Flower Power Québec”, with among others Charlebois, Beau Dommage and Harmonium. 

SARTORIALTOPhoto: Alejandro Escamilla

Which television series are you binge watching? “The Man in the High Castle”, I hadn’t heard of it but I went through the seasons going from one cliffhanger to the other.  

What is your favorite recipe of the moment? Jerk chicken on the grill, because the kids love it. 

Which movie inspires you? I came across “The Pursuit of Happiness” (directed by Gabriele Muccino) on television recently, a very good film about adversity.  



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Written on: July 13, 2020