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Once upon a time, brands used to be like thousands of deserted, separate islands existing solely to gain the MOST MARKET share and remain the most ”creative” to the public eye. Not too long ago, a collab between dior and air jordan would have been farfetched. but now, brand collabs are the norm. today, we’re exploring 5 uncommon but well put together brand collabs between some of your favourite brands and why they need a special place in your closet.

—By Nkosi, Style Editor


Bape x Clarks Fall/Winter Capsule

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of their classic models, the ‘’Wallabee’’ and the ‘’Desert Boots’’ Clarks is keeping up with the times with a modern twist. You get the iconic silhouette with an eye-catchy camo pattern and the brand imagery we appreciate from Bape. These are a good way of standing out while staying in the safe zone.



Dime X New Balance

When skate culture meets runner culture, you get M-A-G-I-C. To follow up its summer release, Montreal’s very own Dime has teased a collaboration with New Balance through another footwear collab. Although not many details are out, if you have an affinity for dad shoes or runners, you should be on the lookout for this drop!



Supreme X air Jordan 1

Supreme might be the grandfather of brand collabs when you think about it. Gaining momentum and hype from each drop, the streetwear giant is possibly back at it again with a collab with the Jordan Brand.

A master of surprise, Supreme usually gives the world an update fairly late before a collection releases, but let’s hope this comes to life. Digging through the archives, they’re bringing back the Air Jordan 1 with the star patterns that were originally released in 03. It’s releases like these that remind you that the Air Jordan 1 might be the perfect canvas.



Avirex X Palace

I never thought in my life that I would see the leather Avirex coat make a comeback but here we are. Not only has Palace brought it back, but it’s the exact same design in the same classic leather material. No doubt it’s definitely an ode to the 2000s.
If you were looking for a way to bring back those times and remain in the loop, this release might be for you!



Carhartt X g-shock

Carhartt is still in the race to be your favourite brand for style essentials. G-Shock slowly but surely is picking up where it left off, as this collab is simple, yes, but also a true representation of two long-time players. The DW-6900 is a matte all-black watch, featuring the ‘’Carhartt’’ symbol sticking out in white for a sleek everyday look people won’t help but notice.


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Written on: August 12, 2020