Antoni Porowski is a man of passions and contradictions. Born in Montreal, he moved to West Virginia as a 12-year old, moved back to Montreal to go to school, and then moved to New York to pursue a career, spending time in numerous restaurants along the way.

Cast as one of the core members of the Queer Eye cast as the Food and Wine Expert, he quickly became the foodie on the show, steering his experience and enthusiasm to the gastronomic arts. He’s parlayed this interest into writing a New York Times Best Selling cookbook, Antoni in the Kitchen, a warmly realized dive into food from around the world, each introduced with a personal story that relates the dish to Porowski’s own backstory.

—By Jason Gorber

For our Spring/Summer 2020 issue, DTK spoke to Antoni for an exclusive interview by phone, and he proved to be even more charismatic and erudite than he already appears on TV.

Antoni gets deep, talking not only about his passion for food and cooking, but also about how he wishes to shake off the one-dimensional labels he is subjected to as a queer man. He gives us his thoughts on activism, his role in the limelight, and how he doesn’t want to be “owned by any one thing.”

From working in restaurants to making it on TV, he outlines his journey to fame and what his platform has allowed him to do, such as releasing his very own cookbook. He tells us about where he drew inspiration for his recipes, and even shares with us where you can get one of his very favourite meals in the world. Hint: It’s in his very own hometown of Montreal!

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Written on: April 15, 2020