Gucci Explores Masculinity at 

For their fall 2020 collection, alessandro michele deconstructs masculinity in pure gucci fashion, imbuing the collection with feminine silhouettes, gender-neutral garments, and delicate colours and materials.

—By Luisa Tarantino


The theme of Gucci’s new collection, “Masculine, Plural” has always rung true for Gucci, but it rings even truer in their Fall 2020 collection. The collection seeks to release that which is constrained, to challenge notions of masculinity and virility in a patriarchal society. The collection wishes to imagine a man who can live without constraints, and live freely without “suffocating stereotypes” – a man who can embrace and suffuse himself with femininity, a new form of masculinity. Yet, the collection is also infused with child-like details – “Rave Like You Are Five” is the title of the show.

The result is a mixture of masculine and feminine silhouettes, with male models wearing crop tops, vibrant colours, and feminine accessories. Pieces inspired by children’s clothes litter the collection, like baby doll dresses and tops resembling bibs. These pieces represent an innocence lost, a time beyond socially constructed masculine and feminine norms. Michele still makes use of Gucci classics – berets, loafers, and box jackets, yet they’re paired with unique, rebellious elements full of energy, like shiny silver flares, bags that resemble lunch boxes, and patterned suits. The collection seems inspired by the vintage, as do many Gucci collections, yet modern and fit for the times.

See the entire line up and some of our favourite looks from the show below.

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Written on: January 14, 2020