Here’s what we know about Microsoft’s Surface Duo phone 

Coming this holiday season, Microsoft’s Surface Duo’s foldable ‘phone’ isn’t really a phone at all.

While Microsoft’s long-awaited Surface Duo is a phone, making calls is only one feature of the Surface Duo. This foldable device is 4.8mm thin, has a pair of 5.6 inch screens that unfold to make a 8.3 inch computing surface, which can be used as a tablet or as something entirely different when the 360-degree hinge is bent so both screens face outwards, resembling a mini laptop. It features one camera, a USB-C port and a fingerprint sensor.

The Surface Duo, unlike the Surface Neo, will be running on an Android OS rather than Windows 10X, meaning that all apps available on Android devices will be available on the Duo. While Microsoft insists that the Surface Duo is not simply a phone but a Surface product, it will most likely be competing with the likes of Samsung’s and Huawei’s foldable devices. Microsoft hasn’t yet revealed a price for the Surface Duo, but it may be within the price range of its competitors.

Written on: October 9, 2018