HErmÈS’ L’heure de la lune

mars meteorite watch

hermès has unveiled three stunning new versions of the l’heure de la lune watch, all of which hold a piece of mars’ surface within the dial, making this model completely out of this world.

                        —By Luisa Tarantino

The three versions (pictured down below) feature a 43mm white gold case and Lunar meteorite dial on a Havana alligator strap, a white gold case on a Black Sahara meteorite dial on a matt black alligator strap, and lastly a  platinum case with a ‘martian’ meteorite dial on a green alligator strap. The ‘Lunar’ and ‘Black Sahara versions are limited edition pieces, limited to just 36 examples each (prices available upon request).

As per usual, Hermès doesn’t skimp on quality. All three watches feature the emblematic Arceau case and Hermès Caliber H1837. What is particularly unique to the L’Heure de la lune models is the 59-day dual moonphase complication, which rotate clockwise to both cover and uncover both ‘lunar disks’ in time with the actual phases of the moon.

These stunning new watches will be available in Fall 2020 on Hermès website.


Hermes  meteorite watch

The Black Sahara meteorite version

Hermes  meteorite watch

The Martian meteorite version

Hermes  meteorite watch

The Lunar meteorite version

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Written on: May 2, 2020