THE Jacob & Co. x Bugatti Chiron Watch

to pay hommage to the engine that powers the bugatti chiron, jacob and co. have created a watch that emulates the car’s engine.

                        —By DTK 

An incredibly complex timepiece, the watch is comprised of 578 separate components, making it a replica of the Chiron’s 16-cylinder engine. What is most impressive is perhaps the watch’s  tourbillon cage, which offers a view of the watch’s rotating escapement, visible through an aperture made to resemble the grill of the Chiron, a feature that took Jacob and Co. a full year to develop. The watch likewise features a replica of the engine’s pistons, which pump up and down when you press the rightmost button.

The watch is all-black, with blue accents mirroring the Bugatti Chiron, priced at a whopping $280 000 USD.


jacob and co. bugatti

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Written on: May 4, 2020