Just in time for father’s day

Based on its many years of experience with quartz, Longines is revisiting a success story from the 80s. With the Conquest V.H.P. (Very High Precision), it is marking a return to a technology in which it was a pioneer and expert, particularly through its timekeeping activities.

The new collection was launched at the Neuchâtel Observatory, where the first quartz clock with atomic precision developed by the brand was certified in 1954. In the era of connected watches – but without their inconveniences – the Conquest V.H.P. represents a new achievement in the field of quartz, combining great precision, high technicality and a sporty look, marked by the brand’s unique elegance.

Longines’ history with Quartz began in 1954. Originally conceived to high precision clocks, it was in 1969 that Longine introduced the Ultra-Quartz, the  first quartz wristwatch to be massed produced. 1984 was the year the quartz calibre first fit into the Conquest V.H.P, setting a precision record at the time.

A new version of the record setting Conquest  V.H.P is now being released. This time around, it’s exclusive movement has been developed by the ETA manufacturing company. The watch features an exceptionally long battery life, along with extreme precision and the ability to reset the hands after impact or contact with a magnetic field.

Both the three hands and chronograph version of the Conquest come with steel bracelets and sport blue, carbon, silvered or black dials.


Written on: September 17, 2019