Last Minute Holiday
gifts for her

Gentleman, knowing what to get your girl is hard, especially when you haven’t been picking up on any of her hints. If you’re at a complete loss as to what to buy her this holiday season, you can’t go wrong with these gifts. Not only are these gifts super useful and high-quality, but she’ll be super impressed with just how stylish and trendy they (and you) are. We promise she’ll love them. If not, it’s on us. Come see us at our pop-up, Le Magasin Général, and we’ll hook you up with the perfect gift(s).  

—By Luisa Tarantino


A pair of heels from Black Suede Studio ($460)

Every woman needs a pair of good heels. Black Suede studio makes trendy, yet unique shoes that are high-quality yet affordable. Get her a classic stiletto boot or a patterned pair of heels to add to her collection. We bet she’ll look amazing in them, which is a win for you.


An eyeshadow palette from NARS ($74)

Every man has spent a crazy amount of time trailing after their girlfriend while they shop for makeup. We’ll save you the trouble – NARS’ amazing holiday collection is festive yet still usable for everyday. Get her a sparkling eyeshadow palette so she can be holiday party ready.

Gloves from FurLux ($100)

Give your girl the gift of fashion – just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean she can’t put together a killer look. FurLux makes stylish leather gloves with fur trims that are made to fight the cold. Coming in a variety of styles, these gloves can be adapted to more casual and more formal outfits.


A luxury perfume  ($148, $152, and $142)

You can never go wrong with fragrance. Seriously. With the holiday season comes so many incredible fragrance choices. Try some of our personal favourites that are sure to please your girl’s personal tastes – for a floral scent, try Garden from D&G, Signorina from Salvatore Ferragamo for a sweet scent, or Narcisco Rodriguez’s ‘For Her’ for a deeper, more sensual scent.


Skincare from Esthederm ($59)

Girls love skincare, gentleman. If you don’t know your girl’s skin type (which you most probably don’t), this moisturizing cream by Esthederm is sure to please no matter what. A little self-care is exactly what she needs this holiday season.


Sunglasses from Antoine Laoun ($905)

Antoine Laoun makes and sells one-of-a-kind eyewear that is guaranteed to be a truly unique purchase – you won’t see anyone else on the street with your same pair of glasses. If your girl loves a good statement piece, and especially luxury brands such as Chloé and Céline, get a pair of sunglasses from Antoine Laoun for the perfect accessory.


Soap from DeMassy ($19)

Continuing with the self-care theme, De Massy makes amazing gentle hydrating perfumed soaps. Available in 3 signature scents that anyone will love, De Massy’s products are high-quality and long lasting.


gifts for her

A Ruby Brown Candle ($64)

Everyone loves a good candle. Ruby Brown’s candles are made of premium materials and can burn for up to 16 hours. With a collection of incredible scents released each season, this is the guaranteed to be the best candle your girl will own. It’s one way to set the mood, boys.


gifts for her

Pastel Pink Sheets from Maison Tess ($80)

Maison Tess makes premium linen sheets that come in a variety of aesthetically pleasing colours. Give her the gift of comfort with a cute set of pink sheets, sure to benefit you too.


gifts for her

Earrings from Benaderette ($165)

Benaderette makes stunning jewellery, and your girl is sure to like any piece you choose, whether you go for some simple gold earrings or a more elaborate pendant. If you’re not sure what she might like, stick with a classic pair of earrings that she could wear to your next holiday party.

Rings from Harakiri ($110)

Rings are easy pieces of jewellery to buy as they’re stackable and versatile. Harakiri makes a range of jewellery, from dainty designs to edgier pieces. These rings are cute and simple, so they’ll definitely match your girl’s style.

Still not sure what to get her? We have all of this and more at Le Magasin Général, located on 9415 Boulevard Leduc, Suite 5 at Le Blok in Quartier Dix30 or call us at 450-926-3539!

Written on: November 17, 2019