The MightySeed Electric Concept Vespa 98

Piaggio’s classic vespa has received the electric treatment from india-based design firm mightyseed.

                        —By Luisa Tarantino

Vespa has stood the test of time, still in production since 1946. As the future of electric vehicles nears, the MightySeed design company has conceived of an electric concept for the classic ride that reimagines the Vespa as more modern, fitting perfectly into the possible design elements of the future.

The design is minimalist yet still stylish and draws on the retro feel of the original Vespa design, having wheel fairings and a fender-mounted headlight. However, the front is much bolder, including a wider front part with a modern handle – LED strip lights on the handlebars and a LIDAR system replace rearview mirrors, which work to alert the rider of traffic in real time and any imminent danger. The MightySeed Vespa 98 is powered by a 30 aH lithium-ion battery and hub-mounted motor allowing for storage under the seat.

You can read more about the concept here.

vespa 98

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Written on: June 17, 2020