Punkt releases new

Minimalist and unique, Punkt’s MP-02 phone is not your regular smartphone.

—Shervin Shirvani

With the MP-02, Punkt has made some changes and upgrades from the MP-01. While the MP-02 phone still doesn’t have a GPS and applications, the MP-02 now has a 4G LTE modem and tethering support so you can use it as a hotspot for laptops and tablets. It comes with BlackBerry’s security suite to keep your phone safe in hotspot mode and to keep the Android 8.1 OS protected. Similar to the MP-01, the design is sleek, minimalist, and straight forward, with a 2-inch LCD display reinforced with Gorilla Glass and an abrasion-resistant coating. The phone only needs to be charged every two weeks, making it a pretty good phone for vacations or film sets.

Most surprisingly, the MP-02 retails for $350 USD, and is now available for North American, Japan, and Europe.

Written on: October 22, 2019