Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox have decided to treat fans of the seasoned sci-fi movie franchise to a four minute teaser to Alien: Covenant. Covenant is the latest entry to the Alien franchise, and form the amount of attention the prologue has received, moviegoers can’t seem to get enough of Ridley Scott’s deep space adventures.

The official prologue to Alien: Covenant introduces the crew as they fraternize and talk about their colonization mission; A familiar “calm before the storm”  set-up which fans of the franchise have come accustomed to. Michael Fassbender is the one familiar face on board as he plays an android of the same design for the Prometheus film. The prologue reveals James Franco, Danny McBride, and Katherine Waterston as part of the new star-studded cast,  let’s hope the make it through this galaxy thriller as it hits theatres May 19th.

Written on: February 25, 2017